Registration Basics

Enrollment Appointments

Enrollment appointments are posted on MySJSU about three months before the start of the semester and ends 3 days before the first day of instruction. See Registration Calendar for more details. Learn how to view your appointment on MySJSU. 

New students will receive their appointments later than continuing students.  See the New Admits Appointment date on the Registration Calendar for exact dates.

How are enrollment appointment determined?

Registration start dates are based on class level and priority registration group. See F17-4 Academic Senate policy [pdf] for descriptions of priority groups.  Students are grouped by class level, then last name groups.  The order of the last name groups within the same class level rotates each semester.  All priority groups are approved by the Student Success Committee of the Academic Senate

Class level is determined by a student's earned units and current work-in-progress.  

See Registration - Priority Groups on SJSU catalog.

Advance Registration vs Late Registration

Advance Registration begins 3-4 months prior to the first day of instruction. Students can view their enrollment appointment via MySJSU

Late Registration begins the first day of instruction and ends on the add deadline. Students can add or drop courses via MySJSU by the deadlines posted on the Registration calendars. A late fee applies for all first-time adds.  Contact the Bursar's office for all fee related questions.

When you are ready to register for courses, log onto MySJSU to add or drop classes.  See tutorial on how to enroll. [pdf]  Contact us if you need assistance. 

Common Registration Issues:

  1. Your enrollment appointment has not yet started.
    • Verify the exact date and time of your appointment.
  2. Graduation Date has passed.
  3. Prerequisites are missing.
    • If you have taken a prerequisite course elsewhere, submit an unofficial transcript to course instructor. 
    • The instructor will issue a permission number, which you can enter on MySJSU to enroll in the course. 
    • See the Transfer Credit page for more details.
  4. Co-requisite is required.
    • Some lectures require you to simultaneously enroll in a supporting class such as a lab or workshop.
    • You must register for both classes at the same time.
    • If you are exempt from co-requisite, a memo on department letterhead is required. Contact our office with this letter, staff need to register for you.
  5. Time Conflict
    • Timing for two or more classes overlap.
    • Bring a time conflict memo to Window "R" in the Student Services Center
  6. You have a hold on your account.
    • Contact the department that placed the hold to review the details
    • After addressing the issue, the department will remove the hold from your record.
    • Learn more about registration holds from the SJSU catalog
  7. You have exceeded the number of enrollment units orwailist limit allowed.
  8. You are a "special session" student trying to enroll in "regular session" classes
    • Choose "special session" section of the class. Look at class details. Section# 10 and above are usually "special session" sections.
  9.  You are repeating a class.
  10. You already enrolled in another section of the same class.
    • You must drop the other section of the same class in order to add the new section.
    • You cannot be enrolled from the waitlist until you drop the other enrolled section.
  11. Permission number you received is not valid or has been used. 
    • Contact the instructor of the class to obtain a new one. 
    • Learn more about permission number.
  12. You want to enroll in SJSU Studies class (Areas: R, S, V or Z) but have not earned 60 units or above (upper division standing).

For all other issues, please contact us.