Early Registration for Students with Dependents

Who is eligible?

To qualify, you must have at least one dependent child who is currently under the age of 18 for whom you will provide more than half of their financial support. 

What do I need to do if I am eligible?

If you meet the above criteria, log into your MySJSU Portal Student Center and select ‘Dependents’ from the ‘Other Profile Information’ drop-down menu. You will then be asked to provide your youngest dependent‘s date of birth. See the Students with Dependents Self-Cerfification Guide [pdf] for detail instructions.

How early will my appointment be?

If you are eligible, you will receive early registration within the class-level of your registration group.

When is the deadline?

For Fall 2024 registration, the above process must be completed by Wednesday, April 10 in order to receive early registration.  If you miss this deadline, you can still submit your self-certification [pdf] to receive early registration for the next available semester (Spring 2025).

Email registrar@sjsu.edu with any questions.