Reinstatement (Returning from Disqualification)

Reinstatement is a process that allows a student who was previously academically dismissed to resume taking courses at San Jose State.  This reinstatement process will allow students to return as regular students and be able to continue their studies toward degree completion.  

Required Signatures

All petitions require the signatures from the three people below:

  • Department Chair of your Intended Major
  • Associate Dean from the College
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

The only exception is the first reinstatement category (Raised GPA to 2.0 or higher), which only requires the first two signatures. 

Readmission is a separate process from reinstatement 

The readmission process allows students to become a regular matriculated student.  Students must reapply using the Cal State Apply processes and meet all regular admissions eligibility criteria, pay appropriate fees, and follow the regular term application deadlines.  To meet filing deadlines, students may need to start the readmission process before reinstatement is complete.  In addition, student should also consider submitting the Former Student Returning (FSR) petition as part of their application.  Contact the Admissions Office for more details.

Reinstatement Category Snapshot

SJSU CUM GPA 2.0 or Better
This category is for students who have attended SJSU through Open University and brought their SJSU cumulative GPA up to 2.0 or better.  Raising their GPA does not guarantee approval of the student’s request for reinstatement.  Some departments place restrictions on reinstatement to their major degree programs.  Students should consult their major advisor(s) as early as possible.

Extenuating Circumstances
Reinstatement in this category will only be granted for serious and compelling reasons that were clearly beyond a student’s control.  Situations in this category include, but are not limited to: military service, family hardship, natural disasters, and severe medical issues.

Petitioned Grade Change
This category is reserved for grade changes following the university policy [pdf] for grade appeals and grade changes. Students should consult their advisor(s) for details.

Special Consideration
This category is reserved for students whose petitions cannot be accommodated within the categories listed above.  Typically, such students have spent substantial time away from SJSU since their disqualification and feel that their life experiences have prepared them for a successful return to school.

Students in good academic standing

If you want to return after missing two consecutive spring and fall semesters, you can simply re-apply as a Former Student.  

Please note that missing either summer or winter terms does not factor into the two consecutive semesters.