Change of Major/Minor

Changing of Major and Minor for Undergraduate Students

To update your undergraduate plan of study, you need to submit your request to the Office of the Registrar.  Graduate students must visit the GAPE site for details.  

Some colleges have the ability to submit changes to the Office of the Registrar electronically via Advisor Request.  Please check with your college success center for more details.  If your college is not using the electronic process, please submit the appropriate Change of Major form to Window R at the Student Services Center.

The signature requirements vary depending on the number of units you have completed. The table below shows the relevant items for your situation.  

Item Description Class Level:
Less than 90 Units
Class Level:
More than 90 Units
Download Petition Under 90 Units [pdf] 90 or more Units [pdf]
Personal Statement No Required
Transcript (unofficial) Required Required
Signature from Major Advisor
of New Department
Required Required
Signature from Department Chair
of New Department
Required if major advisor
is unable to sign
Signature from Associate Dean
of New Department
Not needed Required
Review by AARS
(Academic Advising and Retention Services)
Required if student changing
major to Undeclared
Not applicable

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