Spring 2020 Temporary Grading Modifications

Incomplete Grades

All students with outstanding incomplete grades from Spring 2019, will be given until the end of Fall 2020 to complete their work. If the student completes the work by the last day of instruction as with the Spring 2020 graduating students, a change of grade for completed work must be submitted via DocuSign by June 3, 2020. 

EO 1037 Temporary Modifications

Withdrawals: Undergraduate students may withdraw from no more than 18 semester units

  • Change: Student course withdrawals earned during the Spring 2020 semester shall not count against the maxima described in EO 1037

Repetition of Courses: Undergraduate students may repeat courses only if they earned grades lower than a "C".

  • Change: Students may subsequently repeat a course with a CR grade earned in Spring 2020 for a letter grade

Repetition of Courses: Course repeats with "Grade Forgiveness" (Grade Forgiveness is the circumstance in which the new grade replaces the former grade in terms of the calculation of GPA, etc.). Undergraduate students may repeat up to 16 semester units with grade forgiveness. 

  • Change: Units earned for a repeated course in Spring 2020 shall be excluded from the 16-semester unit maximum for grade forgiveness

A course repeat of two or more times earned in Spring 2020 will not count toward the maximum of 28 units. (F-08 : I.,C. - Course Repeats with “Grades Averaged” [pdf]).