Step to College

Step to College (STC) is a collaboration between San José State University and local high schools designed to introduce students to the rigors of college, allow them to earn college credit, and ultimately, increase high school student matriculation to college.  

Step to College is offered during the Fall and Spring terms and is open to students who are at least 16 years of age or are in their junior or senior year in high school. Registration is limited to 6 units per term. STC students are subject to the same academic policies, standards, and deadlines that govern all students at SJSU. There are two options under the Step to College umbrella: classes on the SJSU campus (referred to as STC on campus) or classes at the student’s home high school (known as STC Unitrack).  

To participate in Unitrack, students must be attending a school that has a partnership with a specific academic department at SJSU. Students must apply through their school administrator or instructor. High schools interested in exploring this type of program should contact the corresponding department (See A-Z index for Department websites).

For STC on campus, enrollment is dependent upon space availability the first day of instruction each term. Students need to have approval from their school principal or counselor, submit the STC On Campus Application form [pdf], and meet all SJSU course prerequisites, including placement exams. Eligible students must obtain a permission number on the first day of instruction(See Registration calendar for first day of instruction) from the course instructor in order to register and attend classes on the SJSU campus.   

Tuition fees are currently $18 per course and term, and this fee is subject to change without notice. If you need more information, please contact:

Office of the Registrar: 

Special Programs Coordinator

Sophie Lanh: (408)924-2026 |

Taylor Taft: (408)924-2076 |