Postponing Your Graduation

Current Students

Any outstanding coursework must be completed by the last day of the semester in which you are graduating.  If you plan to complete any work after that date, you must change your graduation date.

At the end of the semester, evaluators conduct a review of all files.  Any student who did not meet degree requirements will receive a hold letter containing the following information:

  • Outstanding GE, major, minor, or unit requirements
  • Missing major or minor forms (if applicable)
  • Outstanding Study Abroad coursework
  • Unresolved Incomplete (I) or Report Delayed (RD) grades
  • Deadline by which documents must be submitted to their evaluator

If you are unable to meet the deadline on the hold letter, you must change your graduation date.

Other Considerations

  • If you have not received your diploma or a hold letter within two months from the end of the semester, please email your evaluator.
  • You will not receive an enrollment appointment for any terms after your current graduation date. 

Former Students

If you did not complete your degree requirements and you received a hold letter,
review the following steps to complete your degree:

  • Visit your college success center for guidance.  They can provide a copy of the hold letter.
  • Change your graduation date.
  • Submit additional forms as requested:
    • Graduation Application
    • Major Form
    • GE or other Petitions
  • Complete all outstanding requirements

SJSU does not award retroactive degrees.