Registrar Staff

You may contact us by calling 408-283-7500 or emailing us at

Lisa Giampaolo, Ed.D.

University Registrar
FERPA Compliance Officer

Rogelio Manaois

Senior Associate Registrar
Systems & Technical Innovation

Pamela Bustillo

Associate Registrar
Undergraduate Graduation

Darcel Wood

Assistant Registrar
Records and Registration, Service Counter

Helen Chu

Associate Director
Enrollment Services Imaging & Archive Operations



Dora Ozawa

Senior Systems Analyst

Debbra Jung

Systems Analyst / Technical Consultant

Jiki Malaqui

Systems Analyst

Sarinlak (Sally) Ordonez

Communications Analyst, Webmaster


Records and Registration

Registration; Grades; SJSU Transcripts; Verification of Enrollment, Degree, or GPA; Leave of Absence; Change of Name, SSN; Forms: Major Changes, Requirement Term Changes; Reinstatements

Chiara Carbone

Records & Registration Coordinator

Mylynne Milanes


Records & Registration Coordinator

Ignacio Rocha

Records & Registration Specialist


Special Programs

Residency, IntraSystem Enrollment, Study Abroad, Step to College, Job related fee waiver (faculty & staff)

Sophie Lanh


Residency/ AB540 Coordinator

Chiara Carbone

Special Program Coordinator


Undergraduate Graduation Evaluators

(by College & Students' Last Names)

Find your Graduation Evaluator

Gurpreet Kaur

Graduation Evaluator
College of Education | M-Z
College of Social Sciences | M-Z

Linda Ho


Graduation Evaluator
College of Engineering | A-L
College of Humanities and Arts | A-L


Lead, Graduation Evaluator
College of Business | M-Z
College of Science | M-Z

Sabrina Maciel

Graduation Evaluator
College of Health and Human Science | A-Z
College of Professional and Global Education | A-Z

Ryan Poyet


Graduation Evaluator
College of Engineering | M-Z
College of Humanities and Arts | M-Z

Isabel Tran

Graduation Evaluator                                                         
College of Education | A-L
College of Social Science | A-L

Vi Truong

Graduation Evaluator                                                          
College of Business | A-L
College of Science | A-L


Enrollment Services Imaging & Archive Operations

Ron Bravo

Imaging Technical Lead

Aggie Wong

EDI Specialist Support

Tracey Chieng

Enrollment Services Operations Coordinator

Julie Dang

Enrollment Services Operations Coordinator 

Ann Kwok


Enrollment Services Operations Coordinator

Kimberly Ta

Enrollment Services Operations Coordinator