Cross Enrollment

  • Due to impaction, SJSU will no longer accept any incoming students until further notice.

  • SJSU students now have access to more fully online courses at other CSU campus through CSU Fully Online.

See requirements and conditions below if you are eligible to enroll in one undergraduate course per academic term at a participating University of California campus or California Community College . You must meet the necessary course prerequisites and obtain approval from both SJSU and the campus you plan to attend. 

Conditions for Enrollment

  • Must be a California resident
  • Must have completed at least one term as a matriculated student at SJSU.
  • Have maintained a 2.0 cumulative SJSU GPA(be in good academic standing).
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 units at SJSU for the term in which you plan to cross enroll.
  • Have paid the appropriate fees at SJSU for the term in which you plan to cross enroll.
  • Students enrolled through Open University are not eligible for Cross Enrollment.

Special Notes:

  • Enrollment is limited to one class at the host campus.
  • Graduate students are not eligible for Cross Enrollment.
  • The host campus will charge a $10 fee plus any material and laboratory fees associated with the class in which you cross enroll.
  • Use of the host campus' facilities may be restricted; health services are limited to emergencies only.
  • You must follow the registration deadlines and procedures at the host campus.


Chiara Carbone

Military/ ROTC Students

After Census date, Cross Enrollment - Post Census Late Add Request [pdf] along with the Cross Enrollment Application is required.