Instructor Drop Procedure

  • Instructor Drop Requests are due by the last day to add of each semester. Check Registration Calendars.
  • Requests should be dropped off by the Instructor or Administrative Staff only. Photo ID is required upon submission.

Step by step Instructions:

  1. Print a copy of your Class Roster(s).
  2. Cross out the name(s) of the students you want to drop on the roster. Do not cross out SJSU ID number(s).
  3. Put the notation “drop” next to the student ID number for each student you are dropping.
  4. Write your EmpID, the date & sign the roster.
  5. Provide your contact information (email or phone number).
  6. Submit it at the Window “R” in the Student Services Center. You do not need to wait in line, just go to any staff at the window. Your photo ID will be required.

 View SJSU policy for Instructor Drop.