Grades/ Grade Changes

Timing and Availability

Students should be able to view their grades on MySJSU about two weeks after the last day of instruction of each semester.

Grades are only available via MySJSU, see how to view my grades.  For printed copies of your grades, order an official transcript or print an unofficial transcript from your MySJSU.

If you do not see your grades after three weeks from last day of instruction, contact your instructor.

Auditing Classes

An instructor may allow students to audit a class.  Enrollment in the class is required.  Please submit a Credit/No Credit/Audit option form (available on Forms' page).

Incomplete Grade

What is an Incomplete Grade?

  • "Incomplete" (I) grade is assigned by an instructor of the class when a portion of required coursework has not been completed by the end of the semester due to unforeseen, but fully justified, reasons and when there is still a possibility of earning credit/grade.

How does it work?

  • The Instructor creates an incomplete grade agreement for the student when an “I” grade is assigned.
  • Students need to accept the Incomplete agreement. See the Incomplete Grade Agreement guide [pdf] on how to review and accept the incomplete agreement.

When is the deadline to complete the coursework?

  • An "I" must be made up by the specified deadline in the agreement or within one calendar year following the end of term in which it was assigned, whichever comes first.
  • If the coursework is not completed by the deadline in the agreement, the "I" grade will convert to either:
      • the grade the instructor entered into the “Grade Without Further Work” section of the agreement, or
      • If no grade is indicated, the “I” grade will lapse to an “IC” grade (Incomplete Charged), which is equal to an “F” grade (or an “NC” for credit/no credit graded courses).

Can students re-enroll in the same course?

  • Students cannot re-enroll in the course until the course is completed or lapsed to an “IC” (or “NC”). 

What if students need more time to complete it?

  • If students need more time to finish all required coursework beyond the specified deadline in the agreement, students need to contact the instructor to request an extension.
  • The maximum time for completion is two years from the semester in which the Incomplete grade was assigned; requests to extend the deadline beyond two years will be denied. 

Grade Changes and Discrepancies

Contact your instructor if you believe there has been a grading error.  If your degree has been awarded, your academic record is sealed and you cannot request any grade changes. 

Grading Systems

SJSU uses standard letter grades based on a four-point scale. 

Grade Points Grade Points Grade Points Grade Points Grade Points



























WU = Unauthorized Withdrawal      IC = Incomplete - Charged

The following grades are not calculated into your GPA.

Grade Notes Grade Notes
AU Audit RD Report Delayed
I Incomplete RP Report in Progress
CR Credit. Equivalent to C and above NC No Credit. Equivalent to C- and below
W Approved Withdrawal

See the current SJSU Catalog for details regarding the grading symbols and policies for Undergraduate and Graduate studies.

Retroactive Grades and Academic Standing

Even though your GPA may have changed due to the retroactive course drop or semester withdrawal, your academic standing will remain for that semester.