SJS4 New Learning Site

All partner proposals are initiated by a New Partner Proposal in Subsequently, the online University Organization Agreement will be initiated with the site by the SJS4 team. To start a relationship, please follow the steps below.

  1. Check the website to see if the site you want to propose already exists. Please check by site name and address before initiating a new partner proposal.
  2. If the site isn’t listed, faculty or students can submit the request for a new site.
  3. SJS4 notifies the site to complete the New Partner Proposal Form and the University Organization Agreement (now a fully online contract).

    If the Agency has or requires modifications to the UOA, the SJS4 staff will be notified the UOA was not signed and they will notify the department to follow the non-modified UOA process (outlined below and on flowchart [pdf]).

  4. Once the UOA has been signed online, the SJS4 staff will have the appropriate designee sign off on the UOA for SJSU.
  5. Once signed off, the SJS4 team will make the site active, archive the UOA in SJS4. 

Agency Requires Modifications to UOA

  1. The site reviews electronic UOA and notes that they require modifications to UOA.
  2. SJS4 team receives notification that UOA is not signed due to requiring additional modifications.
  3. SJS4 team messages department to inform them that the Site requires modifications and to begin the modifying UOA process as follows:
    1. Department works with agency to identify modifications required.
    2. Department creates $1 Purchase Requisition.
    3. Department emails contract office with Purchase Requisite Number, and modifications required.
    4. Department works with contracts to complete UOA modification.
    5. Contracts sends approved UOA to SJS4 team once signed and approved by both parties;
    6. SJS4 activates agency on SJS4 and archives the UOA in SJS4.
    7. The site and the department should have received copy of UOA upon contracts sign off. However, site should be able to access a copy via their SJS4 site record.

Hard Copy UOA’s - No Longer Accepted

Hard copy University Organization Agreements are no longer accepted, except for the School of Information (iSchool). Hard copies are only to be used when negotiating a modification to the UOA. Please contact Contracts and Purchasing if you need additional assistance with UOA modifications.