Academic Catalog

All approved curriculum is published annually (normally April) in the University's online Academic Catalog. SJSU no longer produces a printed academic catalog. No curricular revisions, new degrees, concentrations, or other new programs may be publicized before final approval. There are legal implications. Curriculum approved by the campus, but pending Chancellor's Office final approval may be advertised with a statement that indicates "pending final approval from the CSU Chancellor's Office". Changes to degree programs, including the addition of new degrees, minors or concentrations will be input into the online academic catalog only in the Fall term while course descriptions and policies are updated for spring terms. This aligns the campus practice with the Title V rules concerning catalog rights and requirements of the articulation system within which SJSU provides information for transfer students (ASSIST).



View transfer course agreements with over 130 California public colleges and universities.


Program assessment is an ongoing, transparent, deliberate, and evidence-based process used to measure and improve student learning.

Class Schedules

Real-time course listings, including textbook information, is found at by searching for 'Class Search' in the Search Box.



Paperless curriculum management system which automates the process of curriculum approval.


A Graduation Pathway to Success (MyGPS) - A suite of technology tools available to help you plan.

4-Year Roadmaps

MyRoadmap shows a 4-year plan to your degree with the required courses in your major and needed order based on prerequisites. 

2-Year AD-T Roadmaps

Approved major 2-year plan for students completing AA-T or AS-T degrees at California Community Colleges (per the STAR Act SB 1440).

Required Syllabus Information

Required information relevant to all courses at SJSU. All syllabi must link to this webpage.