Elevating Concentrations to a Full Degree

Proposal Process

Submit the *Elevating Options or Concentrations to a Full Degree Program (instructions linked) approval process in Modern Campus Curriculum (formerly Curriculog).

Proposals must meet the CSU Office of the Chancellor criteria.

  1. Elevate a Concentration (template linked)
  2. Comprehensive Assessment Plan [docx] (template linked)
  3. Curriculum Matrix [docx] (template linked)
  4. Side by Side Comparison of the current major, all current concentrations in the major, and the proposed concentration degree that is seeking to be elevated to a full degree and their degree requirements to clearly show compliance with EO 1071.
  5. Advising Roadmap: Include an undergraduate 2-year (if applicable per SB 1440) and undergraduate 4-year degree roadmaps (follow the links download your existing, approved roadmap). Graduate programs should also submit sample roadmaps.
    Blank Template for Ugrd 2-Year Roadmap [pdf] | Blank Template for Ugrd 4-Year Roadmap [pdf]
  6. Special Session/Self Support proposals also require a budget: CSU CO’s Budget Template.