New Minors

All minors must be in compliance with University Policy S16-4 [pdf]. An undergraduate minor is a formal aggregate of courses in a designated subject area distinct from and outside the student's degree major, consisting of 12 or more semester units (no more than 24 units). The policy outlines that at least 6 of these units should be upper division. Be aware that Minors differ from degree programs in some administrative details. These include:

  • Under normal circumstances, sustaining a Minor cannot, in and of itself, be a criteria for hiring new faculty;
  • There is no guarantee that a Minor be "taught out" if it is discontinued.

Because of these issues we ask that you encourage your students to declare the minor as soon as possible in their program.

Submit the New Minor Template [docx] in Curriculog (instructions linked). 

Minors with Prerequisites

Courses that have prerequisites should be counted within the 24 units of the minor. Some flexibility is allowed. Please be sure to identify in your proposal:

  1. the need for the minor and any prerequisites (referred to in the catalog as "Minor Preparation"); and,
  2. identify degree programs that will benefit from the minor in the minor's catalog copy (the minor is designed for specific majors that already complete the prerequisites).

If the minor is designed for specific majors that already complete some or all of the prerequisites, then students would be able to complete the minor without taking additional prerequisite courses and therefore you would not need to count some or all of the prerequisites in the minor.

Examples of Minors with Prerequisites

Aerospace Engineering (approved effective Fall 2020)
Interaction Design (approved effective Fall 2020)