New Minors

An undergraduate minor is a formal aggregate of courses in a designated subject area distinct from and outside the student's degree major. The minor needs to have a well-defined purpose and justification as well as a coherent focus or survey of the field.

The minimum aggregate GPA for all coursework required for the minor must be atleast 2.0. 

The minimum criterion for any minor must be 12 units of coursework (no more than 24 units) completely distinct and separate from the course work in one’s major (i.e., Major Requirements). The policy outlines that at least 6 of these units should be upper division.

Proposal Process

Submit the *New Certificate/Credential/Honors/Minor (instructions linked) approval process in Modern Campus Curriculum (formerly Curriculog). Attach the New Minor Proposal Template [docx].

All minors must be in compliance with University Policy S16-4 [pdf].

Approval Process

  1. Department Curriculum Committee (optional in Curriculog)
  2. Department Chair
  3. College Curriculum Committee/Associate Dean
  4. Undergraduate Studies (UGS) Committee or Graduate Studies and Research (GS&R) Committee 
  5. Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education or Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
  6. Provost 

Frequently Asked Questions