About the Curriculum Team

Curriculum Staff

The Curriculum Office supports faculty and administration with the development of curriculum by maintaining the PeopleSoft Course Catalog and Academic Plan tables, the online academic catalog, and the curriculum management system, Curriculog. The Curriculum Office provides curriculum development trainings and resources.

Leadership for Curriculum

The Academic Affairs leadership for curriculum advise faculty, department chairs, and college administration when developing new or revising existing curriculum and help to address any policy issues related to curriculum. They serve as ex-officio members on faculty governance committees as indicated. All new programs are recommended for final approval to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.   


  • Thalia Anagnos, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (Curriculum & Research Committee; Program Planning Committee)
  • Melinda Jackson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education (Undergraduate Studies Committee)


  • Marc d'Alarcao, Dean, College of Graduate Studies (Curriculum & Research Committee)
  • Jeffrey Honda, Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies (Graduate Studies & Research Committee; Program Planning Committee)

e-Advising and Degree Audit

Once curriculum is approved and implemented in the academic catalog, the e-Advising Team update My Progress and MyPlanner for undergraduate and some graduate majors as appropriate.