After department curriculum committees and chairs/school directors review and recommend proposed curriculum for approval, the proposals are reviewed at the college and university review. These deadlines are established with lead times for new courses and degree changes to appear in the Schedule of Classes or SJSU Academic Catalog, or if they need to be routed to the Chancellor's office for final approval.

College Approval

The meeting schedule for college curriculum committees and any college curriculum deadlines are linked or available by contacting the appropriate college associate dean.

University Approval

The colleges must recommend all curriculum for approval by adhering to the following deadlines. New Course Sub-Topics are accepted from the College no later than two weeks before registration begins. 

Effective Fall 2022

**New Degrees Effective Fall 2022: If you would like to propose a new degree effective Fall 2022, the Statement of Intent for the new degree must be submitted by the department chair no later than November 1, 2020, and the full degree proposal must receive campus approval no later than August 1, 2021 in order to have enough time to be considered for Chancellor's Office approval before the CalState Apply system opens for Fall 2022 applications on October 1, 2021. After Chancellor's Office approval, Admissions will need at least three to five business days lead time to enter the program into PeopleSoft and CalState Apply. Ideally, the new degree should be approved by the campus by the end of Spring 2021 term in order to be effective Fall 2022. Please contact the Curriculum Office for questions. 

Type of Request Deadline for College Approval
New Degree (Step 3: Full Degree Proposal)**
New Concentration
Elevating Concentrations
Program Suspensions
General Education Courses
Major Program Revisions
October 1, 2021
Course Proposals
New Certificate
New Degree (Step 2: New Degree Statement of Intent for new programs effective Fall 2023 at earliest)
New Honors Programs
New Minor
November 1, 2021
Minor Program Revisions and Catalog Updates  December 1, 2021

Effective Spring 2023

Type of Request Deadline for College Approval
General Education Courses March 15, 2022
Course Proposals May 20, 2022