Paula Bliss

Paula BlissPaula Bliss
Children's Dance
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Paula Bliss is a seasoned singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer, writer, and teacher. She has performed in clubs and concerts, recorded commercials, done extensive voice-over work, and contributes vocals for many artists. Paula has performed with members of Bobby McFerrin’s a cappella group Voicestra, has sung arias for Cirque du Soleil trapeze artists,and has performed with Gabby Pahinui and Sonny Chillingworth in Hawaii. She continues to perform with Tandy Beal & Co. as a member of the internationally acclaimed dance company. Paula is married to fellow musician Bob Bliss who is also Staff Software Engineer at E-MU Systems. They have been performing, writing, recording, and raising sons together for 25 years. The Blisses are releasing their original CD “Bliss Songs” November 2008, available through

Paula teaches Children’s Dance at San José State University and writes music for children’s dance performances and for community theatre. Paula has had residencies in many elementary schools in the Bay Area, using both music and dance to support the curriculum. She is also a private voice teacher, has a Family Choir, and is Co-Director of Dance Camp of the Redwoods.

Master teacher Paula Bliss, through her talents in music, dance, and poetry, brings joy to learning for the thousands she has taught and continues to teach in Santa Cruz County.  

— Mayor’s Proclamation for the City of Santa Cruz, California