Campus Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CCDEI Charge
Committee Structure

The San José State University (SJSU) Campus Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CCDEI) is a thirty-two person presidential campus standing committee of students, staff, administrators, faculty, and alumni will assess issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion at SJSU. The CCDEI will identify equity gaps and make recommendations to the President on addressing systemic historical inequities on an annual basis. The President will meet with the committee twice a year to share progress from the previous year’s recommendations. 

During March of 2021, the inagural committee has been announced and the current members can be found here.

Committee Charge:

The CCDEI will utilize a systemic change lens to:

  • Engage campus communities through public forums to gather input and information from a broad representation of its students, staff, and faculty across units and institutional divisions
  • Identify priority areas and issues for increasing systemic change on equity for historically marginalized groups
  • Identify priority areas and issues for improving campus climate for students, staff, and faculty
  • Assess relevant and available data and reports (Task force reports, WASC, enrollment data, climate survey data, available survey data from units such as Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, University Personnel, Bursar’s Office and other units, as well as traditional institutional data) to support the identification of inequitable outcomes and practices as well as equitable outcomes and practices
  • Identify effective programs, practices, and initiatives that could be replicated and increased at scale to effect increases in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Innovate and recommend effective programs, practices and initiatives
  • Produce an annual report with findings and recommendations to the President by June 1 of each academic year

Committee Structure: 

Lead by SJSU's Chief Diversity Officer, A Tenured Faculty Member and A Staff Member, CCDEI members will serve a two-year term. In the initial year, some committee members will be appointed to a three-year term so that there can be a staggering of appointment terms to support continuity and institutional memory in the work of the committee.

The committee will form subcommittees, which will have formal liaisons from the CCDEI. Subcommittee members may be nominated from outside of the CCDEI. The CCDEI will invite subcommittee members based on expertise, content knowledge and ability to work collaboratively in teams on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

During March of 2021, the inagural committee has been announced and the current members can be found here.


  • Chief Diversity Officer
  • A Tenured Faculty Member, To Be Determined
  • A Staff Member, To Be Determined

Students (7)

  • Associated Students Representative (1)
  • Greek Student Organization Representative
  • Open Student Representatives (2) –1 STEM major; 1 Non-STEM
  • Student-Athlete Representative (1)
  • Student Success Center/Student Success Task Force Representative (1)
  • Graduate Student Representative (1)

Staff (6)

  • Solidarity Network Representatives (2)
  • Athletics Representative (1)
  • Trades Staff Representative (1)
  • Staff Council, Classified Staff Representative (1)
  • At-large Staff Representative (1)

MPP Representatives (2)

Faculty (6)

  • Faculty Diversity Committee Representative (1)
  • Tenured Faculty Representative (1)
  • Tenure-track Faculty Representative (1)
  • Lecturer Faculty Representative (1)
  • At-large Faculty Representative (2) (Tenure, Tenure-track, or Lecturer)

Alums1 (2) - Alumni representatives with expertise in equity issues: 

  • 1 alum of 2-10 years
  • 1 alum of 10 or more years

Standing Committee Members

  • Vice Provost for Faculty Success (or designee)
  • Academic Senate Chair
  • Special Assistant to the Provost on Racial Justice Initiatives
  • Director of Co-Curricular Learning, Educational Equity, and Assessment, Student Affairs
  • Director of Black/African American Equity
  • Director of Advocacy for Racial Justice 

1 See Alumni vs. Alumnus