Transforming Communities: A Movement to Racial Justice

November 1 - 12, 2021

A group of protestors on SJSU campus.

Call for programming

Application Deadline: September 30, 2021 

On this page:


This inaugural Transforming Communities: A Movement to Racial Justice is a visionary annual event designed to catalyze change in our community. SJSU seeks to bring together community, non-profits, organizations, schools, and businesses focused on creating a more racially just and equitable city and county. While we recognize that discrimination and injustice intersects with many identities, this movement centers race at the forefront of the conversation as we seek to ignite personal journeys, community conversations, and collective action to address racial justice. 

The inaugural theme is Reflection. Discovery. Action. 


This event offers the opportunity for participants to gain a wealth of information and experience as they engage with content centered at the intersection of race and topics such as inequality, systemic injustice, community healing and restoration, human rights, sexuality and gender, and so much more.


Contrary to traditional conferences that are anchored in one location, this gathering seeks to engage as diverse and wide an audience as possible by hosting at potentially multiple locations. We accept virtual live presentations and recordings that can be hosted through the event website.


We invite programming in multiple formats:

  • Art Installation
  • Performance Art (art, dance, theater, music, spoken word, poetry, etc)
  • Talks/panels
  • Book readings, movie screenings & discussions
  • Workshops & training 
  • Lectures
  • Presentations 
  • Digital Media (podcasts, videos, interactive online media, etc.)
  • Other forms of programming not listed

We welcome programming that highlights:

  • Understanding personal history
  • Understanding personal biases
  • Anti-racism training 
  • Decolonization of systems
  • Personal and collective healing/therapy
  • Addressing personal and collective trauma
  • Historical perspectives
  • Personal and collective change
  • Intersectionality
  • Highlights pathways toward racial equity
  • Concrete action items to fight racism
  • Navigating unfavorable power dynamics

Submit Your Program

General guidelines for submissions:

  • Must occur between November 1-12, 2021
  • Be open to all individuals. If your submission is catered to a specific population (e.g. specific demographic, specific language, etc.), it is still okay to include as long as it is not exclusive (e.g. there is an entry fee, requirement to be a specific demographic, etc.)

All submissions are submitted voluntarily and without compensation.

Contact us

For more information and/or questions, please contact:

Jahmal Williams at
Director of Advocacy for Racial Justice


Edwin Tan at
Director of Advocacy and Community Relations