KLA - MS Engineering, Specialization in Business Leadership

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MS Engineering, specialization Business Leadership was designed by SJSU’s College of Engineering and KLA to develop the next generation of business leaders.

Program curriculum was designed to facilitate interdisciplinary education at the graduate level. Customized course topics for KT include:

  • Leadership
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Engineering Management
  • Developing and Managing People
  • Advanced Operations Planning & Control

Company's engineers will be able to master the kinds of skills that improve KLA’s ability to understand its customer pain points and build even better products.

Program Status:

Accepting Applications, the program is planned to launch Fall 2022

Program Schedule

Cohort 1 [pdf]

Cohort 2 (Tentative) [pdf]


Program Specialist
Morgan Jones

Academic Program Coordinator
Anil Kumar

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

By the end of the program, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental knowledge of engineering analysis and systems engineering.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of business leadership principles.
  3. Work collaboratively with various disciplines of engineering, science, and business.
  4. Communicate problems and solutions to multi-disciplinary teams.
  5. Be aware of the ethical, economic and environmental implications of their work.
  6. Understand and adapt to global market changes and industry dynamics.
  7. Recognize deficiencies in existing understanding and synthesize multiple resources to build personal skills and abilities.


  1. Corporate Programs Requirement: You must be a current employee of the host company to enroll.
  2. Applying for admission to an off-campus cohort at San Jose State University is not a guarantee that the program will occur. Cohorts must meet minimum enrollment standards in order to take place. Please be aware that in the event a cohort does not launch due to low enrollment, any and all associated application fees cannot be refunded.