"I wanted to advance my career; which required me to enhance my skills. As a mom of twin toddlers and a full time design engineer at that time, I needed a program that was very flexible and yet would prepare me for my career move. After a lot of research, I stumbled upon the SJSU Battery Technology program. I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. I honestly could not have made a better decision. The program was well run. Sue Alston was amazing! Our advisor Dr. Bashash was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. The whole faculty was awesome. I can say Engineering Extended Studies' energy programs changed my career path completely."

Fatoumata Gaye – Sr. Systems Engineer | Medical Device 


"I found myself at a unique position witnessing the growing field of renewable energy, and in particular, lithium-ion batteries. I started the Battery Technology program at San Jose State University back in Fall of 2017. The program covered batteries from A to Z. I learned about the fundamentals of electrochemistry. I learned how to process and handle raw materials to create high grade cathode and anode materials. I was able to understand how a battery control system can help bring the battery to its highest potential or lead to its discharge. This program provided me with three great tools: fundamental knowledge to help support my work in the battery industry, the ability to work on different battery related applications, and an ever expanding network."

Steven Lam – Battery Technologies, Cohort II

"Taking the MSE program specializing Battery Technologies was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only was the subject matter fascinating and relevant, but the night and weekends and hybrid format allowed me to continue working while in the program. As an Electrical Engineer in the building infrastructure field I wasn’t sure how long it would be before, or if at all, any of the material in the program would come in my current job. But I was wonderfully reassured when I started being able to apply knowledge learned in the program before I even graduated in some of the more advanced projects our company designed. You never know will your life will take you or what knowledge you’ll use, so I hope anyone thinking about a similar program at SJSU Engineering take the leap and go for it!

Jason Mehrens, MSE, PE SJSU MS in Engineering, Specialization in Battery Technologies (Class of Fall 2019)


"I found that the cybersecurity program at SJSU to be one of the best ones in the nation, which is why I chose it. There were both in-person sessions as well as online conference call sessions. We had the choice to attend what was convenient and fit within our own schedule which made it both flexible and easy. I would recommend this university to anyone looking for career building or going into research or anybody who has the desire to learn and grow more personal or career wise."

Samina Qazi -Cybersecurity Cohort 1

"This program helped me improve my coding skills, system designing skills, and cloud architecture. These three skills also helped me find a good internship and job as well. The specialization in cloud focuses on making you a good software engineer who can excel in any domain and can join any tech company in the bay area or anywhere else.

Harshit Nagpal -Cloud and Mobile Computing Cohort 11

"This program has empowered me with the skills of machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and all these other tools for becoming a great data science specialist. In a cohort program, the class size is small so it is easy to work and collaborate with fellow students. There is also easy access to the professors so you get their full attention and your questions answered."

Saurabh Aggarwal - Data Science Cohort 14


"I chose the SJSU-MSSE-Cybersecurity program so that I can better serve my customers and the community at large. SJSU's program provided a terrific opportunity to earn my degree while working full time and from a remote Cisco campus. I have enjoyed the program very much and highly recommend it."

Michael Tjebben - Cisco Systems Student

"I learned a lot around security, both from a technical and business perspective, as well as the challenges facing cybersecurity today and in the future."

Justin Vayda - Cisco Systems Student

"The program was very accommodating to my schedule. I would not have been able to take these classes if I had to go to the SJSU campus. I thought that the courses were chosen well and enjoyed the topics. I think that the support from Anna and Dr. Okomoto was fantastic and they were very helpful."

Student - Lockheed Martin

"I liked the flexibility of the teachers to accommodate our full-time working schedule. If there was a conflict with school and work, they understood and worked with us."

Student - Lockheed Martin