Specialized AI Courses

CMPE 252 - Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering:

  • Introduction to important concepts and techniques from the fields of artificial intelligence. evolution of AI systems. intelligent agents. problem solving by searching, machine learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, and knowledge representation. The data engineering and science process is covered as well as applications of AI and ethical considerations. 

CMPE 256 - Web and Big Data Mining 

  • Data mining and machine learning algorithms and applications for large amounts of data. Information retrieval and search engines, social network analysis, link analysis, and ranking. Web personalization, recommender systems, opinion mining and sentiment analysis, and advanced topics.

CMPE 249 - Intelligent Autonomous Systems 

  • Introduction to autonomous systems and intelligent solutions for self-driving cars, advanced topics in multi-modal sensing, sensor fusion, AI computing, mapping, deep learning, object detection, perception, localization, prediction, path planning, control, reinforcement learning, and Robotic Operating System (ROS).