Graduate Scholarships

SJSU HRI Aris Anagnos Graduate Student Scholarship for Human Rights Research

The SJSU HRI is honored to offer the Aris Anagnos Graduate Student Scholarship (a scholarship of $3K per AY) for Human Rights Research each year to promote human rights research and celebrate the contributions of Aris Anagnos to 20th century anti-fascist and civil rights movements in the West.  

Aris Anagnos scholarship flyer 2024

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2022 Recipient

Chloe Angst (Anthropology) will be working (with faculty member Jodie Warren in Justice Studies) on a decomposition study that is intended to help forensically investigate homeless deaths in our region.  The HRI will be able to assist in disseminating her research to the City of San José City Council, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, and other appropriate public agencies such that it guides public research and policy discussions regarding the rising fatality rate among homeless populations in the Bay Area (noted in the SVPI).

Please look for an update on this research project here in spring 2023.