Institute Core Team and Staff

Institute faculty include award winning authors, educators, and journalists who partner with one of the most diverse student bodies in the country and some of the most impressive organizations in the region to inform policy and practice according to international human rights law, standards, and scholarship. The Institute is administered by the Core Team and informed by an Advisory Board of over 50 Faculty, Center Directors, and Staff--the Human Rights Working Group

Dr. William ArmalineWilliam Armaline, Ph.D.


Associate Professor, Sociology
Founder, SJSU HR Minor Program

Dean - Dr. Walt JacobsWalt Jacobs, Ph.D.

Supervising Administrator

Dean, College of Social Sciences

Halima_KazeemHalima Kazem M.A.

Journalism Coordinator

Lecturer, Journalism and Mass Communications, Justice Studies / Widely published HR journalist

Edith KinneyEdith Kinney, Ph.D., J.D.

Legal Action Coordinator

Associate Professor, Justice Studies

Chtistopher CoxChristopher Cox, M.A.

At-large Core Team Member

Lecturer, Sociology

Soma de BourbonSoma de Bourbon, Ph.D.

At-large Core Team Member

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

MIranda WorthenMiranda Worthen, Ph.D.

Research Coordinator

Associate Professor, Health Science

Mitchell HawkinsMitchell Hawkins

Website Creator, HRI Graduate Assistant