Human Rights Research

NAACP Die-In Event
NAACP Die-In Event

Human Rights Institute Research

The SJSU HRI facilitates and funds groundbreaking scholarship that helps us to understand and address social problems while continuing to shape the broader field of human rights. Beyond traditional academic publishing and teaching, HRI research is often conducted as a collaborative partnership between students, faculty, and community organizations/stakeholders in a “praxis” model meant to provide relevant academic tools to confront collective challenges together. The HRI faculty, students, and visiting scholars also conduct critical human rights reporting from the local to global level. Such reporting includes more typical journalism and participation in the international legal process of “Universal Periodic Review” of the United States and other member nations.


Current Research

Current HRI research, including the People’s Budget of San Jose, Cannabis Record Clearance, Alternatives to Policing, Little Kabul Stories, and Afghan Narrative Histories Research.

Dr. William Armaline Speaking at SJ City Council

Sample Publications and Reports

Featured Publications and Reports from HRI Core Team members and the Human Rights Working Group.

Raise the Wage Event

Recent Projects

A page of our most recent research projects highlighting a booklet focusing on the racial and social justice legacy at SJSU and our COVID-19 addressing the critical issue of the impacts of COVID-19 and disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic among young adults in California.