How to Apply to the Path to SJSU Degree Program (ATP+ICA)

See the complete application process for Path to SJSU Degree (ATP+ICA)

The application process for International Conditional Admission/ Eligibility (ICA) has changed. Please review the information on this page and apply for the Path to SJSU Degree Program (Academic and Test Preparation (ATP) + International Conditional Admission/ Eligibility (ICA)).


Your Path to SJSU Degree application will involve the following steps:

  1. CalStateApply (Please find the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 application tutorials below and have one of them open in a separate tab while you are working on your online application.)
  2. Payment page (you will receive the link from IG Admissions by email)
  3. Secure document upload portal (you will receive the link from IG Admissions by email)


International Conditional Admission/ Eligibility (ICA) Academic Background Scenarios

SJSU offers first-time freshman and low-division transfer undergraduate and graduate ICA. International students with different academic backgrounds may be eligible to apply for ICA. Look through the five possible academic background documents below and download and complete the file that matches your academic background the best.

  1. For students who are in their final semester of high school (undergraduate ICA) In the Final Semester of High School
  2. For students who graduated high school less than a year ago (undergraduate ICA) Graduated HS Less than a Year Ago
  3. For students who graduated high school more than a year ago (undergraduate ICA) Graduated High School More than a Year Ago
  4. For students who graduated high school and attended college/ university (undergraduate ICA) Graduated High School and Attended College-University
  5. For students who have a four-year bachelor degree (graduate ICA) Graduate ICA - PDF

All forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view, complete, and print.  


Application Steps for the Path to SJSU Degree Program (ATP + ICA)

  1. Would you like to join the English language program (ATP) in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022? The Spring 2022 application steps are slighly different from Fall 2021. So, please have your correct tutorial open in a separate tab and follow the EXACT steps to apply in CalStateApply by using the Fall 2021 CalStateApply Tutorial (PDF) or Spring 2022 CalStateApply Tutorial (PDF).
  2. Complete and submit an online application for ATP in CalStateApply.
  3. Look for an email from SJSU Admissions with a 9-digit SJSU ID number.
  4. Receive an email from IG Admissions with the links to the payment page and secure document upload portal.
  5. Go to the payment page and pay one application fee of $250 USD for the Path to SJSU Degree program (ATP+ICA) application.
  6. Review ICA academic background scenarios. Select, download and complete the one that matches you the best.
  7. Download and complete the Student Consent for Release of Information and SJSU Declaration of Finance forms.
  8. Use the documents upload portal to upload the required documents including the completed academic scenario .pdf file.
  9. Receive the Acceptance Letter for the ATP program, and a digital I-20 (for F-1 students) issued by International Gateways. These documents will be sent to the email you indicated in your CalStateApply application to the Path to SJSU Degree program (ATP+ICA). 
  10. Receive an email from IG Admissions with the list of the academic documents that are required to be mailed to the ICA Unit.
  11. Follow the guidelines from the ICA Required Documents and request the required academic documents from the schools you attended in your home country. 
  12. Mail or have your schools mail the required official academic documents to the ICA Unit. The mailing address is provided below.
  13. Have SJSU Admissions review your academic transcripts and certificates, calculate your GPA, and verify your Conditional Admission/ Eligibility. 
  14. Receive a Conditional Admission/ Eligibility letter from SJSU Admissions sent by email from IG Admissions.
  15. Receive an updated digital I-20 (for F-1 students) with the information about your ICA eligibility by email sent by IG Admissions.  

Where should I mail my official ICA documents?

While International Gateways is performing online operations due to the COVID-19, please mail your official transcripts and certificates to the following mailing address:

Ekaterina Shcherbakova

399 Winding Way, 

San Carlos, CA

94070, USA



Please email us at