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Lucas College of Business Graduation Application Process

Undergraduate Business Administration students may apply for graduation when they are one semester away from graduating.  If you apply for graduation by our deadline, you will receive one semester of priority registration (Spring or Fall). For example: If you expect to graduate Fall 2024, you need to submit your graduation application by the Lucas College of Business graduation application deadline in the Spring 2024 term.  You will then receive a graduating senior enrollment appointment for your last semester – Fall 2024).   Please note: graduating senior enrollment appointments occur after students with priority enrollment (registration).

Step 1

Spring 2024 or Summer 2024 or Fall 2024

  • We will accept late graduation applications on Monday, April 15, 2024 – Friday, May 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM.

Spring 2025 or Summer 2025

  • We will accept graduation applications on Monday, July 1, 2024 – Friday, September 20, 2024 at 11:59 PM. If submitted before, we will cancel your application.

Fall 2025

  • We will accept graduation applications on Monday, December 2, 2024 – Friday, February 21, 2025 at 11:59 PM. If submitted before, we will cancel your application.

Step 2

A) Are you Eligible for Graduation and IS your Major/Concentration, correct?

Run your MyProgress report on MySJSU (My Progress Video) and check if your Graduation Status indicates: “Eligible for Graduation” and review that your major/concentration IS correct.  

  • If for some reason, your status is Not Applied, but you believe you should be “Eligible,” please email the Jack Holland Student Success Center (jackholland-center@sjsu.edu) and we will review your case.  If applicable, we will change your graduation status to “Eligible for Graduation.” 
  • If your major is NOT correct on MyProgress, complete the Change of Major process, BEFORE continuing to Step 3. 

B) Is it feasible for you to graduate by your expected graduation term?

When reviewing your graduation application, an academic advisor will evaluate the number of outstanding units, the type of outstanding courses, and prerequisites.  If they determine it’s feasible for you to graduate by your proposed graduation term, your application will be approved.  

Review the important requirements listed below before applying for graduation.   

  • Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Corporate Accounting & Finance, and Finance: You may not have more than THREE outstanding Accounting and/or Finance courses at the time you are applying for graduation. The Accounting and Finance Department does not recommend taking more than three Accounting and/or Finance courses in one semester for two reasons; 1) it can be difficult securing that many courses, 2) the course load is much more rigorous.
  • Entrepreneurship: BUS5 182 is a requirement to graduate and only offered once a year in the Spring semester.
  • Human Resource Management: You must take BUS3 150, BUS3 154, and BUS3 157 OR BUS3 158 prior to enrolling in BUS3 159.
  • International Business: Prior to applying for graduation, you must meet with an JHSSC advisor to have your area of specialization display on your MyProgress.  The area of specialization requires 12 units, more information can be found in the advising guide.
  • Management Information Systems: You must take BUS4 110A, BUS4 110B, BUS4 111, and BUS4 112 prior to enrolling in BUS4 119A and BUS4 119B.
  • Marketing: You must take BUS2 134A, BUS2 134B, and BUS2 138 prior to enrolling in BUS2 139.
  • Excess Units: Some students may need to must complete a petition to enroll in excess units, which requires the associate dean’s signature. Approval is not guaranteed.

Step 3

Complete this Business Administration Major Form Survey for a late Spring 2024 or late Summer 2024 or late Fall 2024 graduation application using a laptop or desktop.  Submissions not completed within 4 hours will be deleted. 

  • This is a critical step, so please take your time.

Step 4

Apply for Graduation online [pdf] through MySJSU immediately after completing step 3.