While Abroad

group of students posing for a picture in Rome

  1. While you are abroad, you may continue to work with your business advisor as needed on submitting more study abroad course equivalencies by scheduling an appointment. E-mail your business advisor ALL of the required documents needed for the course equivalency review (i.e. syllabus). You are not required to Skype in or be there in person for the appointment, but scheduling an appointment is required in order to allow your advisor time to review the documents.

    Feel free to e-mail your business advisor while you are abroad if you have any questions. We are still here to assist you!

  2. If you are studying abroad the semester before you graduate, make sure you apply for graduation by the Lucas College of Business deadline to ensure you will receive graduating senior enrollment appointment for your last semester. Please review application graduation instructions and deadlines.

    When completing the BSBA Major Form Survey, make sure you click on the “Discrepancy” box (referenced on Online Graduation Application Instructions page at the 3:20 mark in the video of the graduation application process) for courses you plan to complete abroad.  In the “Discrepancy” box, list the following information:

            - SJSU course 
            - Course taken abroad: course number and course title 
            - Name of institution 
            -Term and Year 

    While the course(s) are not actually complete, or study abroad transfer credit has not posted yet, these notes will help the business advisor reviewing your major form survey response know the course(s) are in progress or have been taken abroad. This helps determine your anticipated graduation term .

  3. If you will not be graduating in the semester you return from studying abroad, do not apply for graduation. You will have already identified your graduation term with your business advisor prior to leaving to study abroad, so apply for graduation when it is applicable, which is one semester prior to your graduation term.

  4. Remember to register for SJSU courses during your enrollment appointment for the following semester while you are abroad. Refer to your business checklist and run your MyProgress report for outstanding degree requirements. Do not re-enroll into SJSU courses approved for course equivalency.  Consult with an advisor if you have questions or concerns. 

  5. Before you leave your institution, make sure you connect with the study abroad program office at your host school to understand the timeline and process of when your transcript from abroad will be sent to SJSU for study abroad transfer credit posting.