Employee Permits

Effective July 1, 2020, Parking Services at San Jose State University is using virtual permits for employees.  Employee Virtual Permits are available for sale at a variety of price levels according to where vehicles can park, the number of days per week of usage, and the term length of permits.  In an effort to support Social Distancing, please purchase your parking permit through SJSU Parking Online Services.

In an effort to support Social Distancing, please purchase your parking permit through SJSU Parking Online Services.

To learn how to purchase permit online, click on the video below:

Employee Commuter Virtual Permit descriptions, pricing, and sales locations are listed below.  Please read the permit general guidelines

Employees may qualify to purchase parking on a pre-tax payroll deduction parking plan.  For information on enrolling/cancelling parking payroll deduction, please visit employee parking payroll deduction.


'E' Permits

SJSU employees can purchase a daily, weekly, monthly, semester, academic, or annual 'E' permit online via Parking Online Services (login with your SJSUOne ID and password) or in person at the Parking Services office with a valid SJSU Tower Card. New employees without an ID need to present either a memo of verification from their department or an appointment letter to Parking Services. Annual permits are also available to employees through payroll deduction. 'E' permits are valid in all 'E' spaces and areas designated as general parking. See Parking Maps.

Special 'O' Endorsements

Special 'O' endorsements are now approved exclusively by the employees' department head.  Departments can request Special 'O' parking privileges for their employees using Special 'O' Parking Request Form

Once approved, an E-code will be provided to the department's head to be issued to the employee.  The employees need to redeem the E-code at the pay station for the Special 'O' parking privileges.

Please note: 

  • Special 'O' E-code redeemed permits are valid in the reserved section, marked Special O, in the South (7th Street) Garage, section 1B.  Employees must have a valid SJSU Employee parking permit in addition to the Special 'O' E-code permits.
  • Vehicles can only park in Special 'O' spaces for 4 hours maximum.  Vehicles should be moved to an Employee or General parking space at the end of the 4 hour time limit.  Vehicles parked in Special 'O' spaces longer than 4 hours will be cited for parking over time limit.  

'R' Permits

'R' permits are approved exclusively by the Office of the President. 'R' permits are valid in any lot or space marked 'R' Permits only, in any 'E' space, and in any general parking area. 'R' lots and spaces are available for use by 'E' permit holders after 3:30 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends. 'R' permits are eligible for payroll deduction. See Parking Maps.

Auxiliary Employee Permits

Foundation, Spartan Shops and Student Union employees can purchase an 'E' permit in person from Parking Services or on-line. Annual permits are also available to auxiliary employees for payroll deduction through their Human Resources department. 'E' permits are valid in all 'E' spaces and areas designated as general parking. See Parking Maps.

Employee Housing Permits

Employees living in Campus Housing will pay the Housing rate of $70.00 per month to park overnight in the South (7th Street) Garage. You may pay at the Parking Office or through payroll deduction, if you are eligible.

Employee Parking Permit Prices

Permit Type Prices for Unit 3 Employees Prices for Unit 6 Employees Prices for Unit 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, E99 Employees Prices for MPP Employees Prices for Employee Housing Parking
Daily $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $4.00 $10.00
Weekly $5.93 $5.40 $5.80 $12.75 $21.00
Monthly $19.79 $18.00 $19.36 $42.50 $70.00
Semester 1-Day a Week $39.58 $36.00 $38.72 $85.00 N/A
Semester 2-Days a Week $70.35 $64.00 $68.82 $152.00 N/A
Semester $89.05 $81.00 $87.12 $192.00 $316.00
Academic 10-Month $197.90 $181.00 $193.60 $425.00 N/A
Annual 12-Month $237.48 $216.00 $232.32 $510.00 $840.00