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International Recruitment and Partnerships (IRP) at San Jose State University (SJSU) is pleased to build partnerships with organizations that seek to promote and recruit international students for our Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Any interested party is welcome to contact IRP with a formal introduction about your organization; however, please keep in mind that we are only able to work with a small number of select agencies.

Only selected partners will receive communications from SJSU to further discuss a recruitment agreement. All potential agencies must go through a screening process and sign the agreement to officially become a recruitment agent for SJSU to receive commissions for their services.

As a member of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), SJSU is committed to partnering with overseas representatives that adhere to AIRC's best practice guidelines

If you are interested in becoming a recruitment agent for SJSU, please contact IRP at Your interest in partnering with SJSU is greatly appreciated.

Agent Handbook

Your Agent Handbook provides key information on how to become a successful university representative to recruit undergraduate and graduate students. Also included is information on competitive graduate degrees, promotional information on SJSU, as well as essential information students should have when applying to San José State University. You can download the Agent Handbook here.

This handbook includes the following topics:

  • Undergraduate Admission Requirements
  • Graduate Admission Requirements
  • Claim Students Under Your Agency
  • Commission

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