How to Apply to San José State University

At San José State University, we pride ourselves on being a school with a diverse student body where creative thinkers have the opportunity to study innovative programs and conduct research. Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley, a tech and global business hotspot.

Undergraduate Admissions

At SJSU, you have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of programs that will help you begin forming connections and cultivating skills for a successful education and career. Both our spotlight and STEM programs include innovative programs that have you entering fields with great career growth and above-average entry-level salaries.   

Graduate Admissions

Take the next step in your education and advance your career with one of our diverse graduate-level programs designed for professionals and researchers. Our programs range from creative design and animation to programs such as Aerospace Engineering, where you’ll learn from NASA engineers. 

Transfer Admissions

Shift your education as a transfer student with SJSU. Our transfer process is simple, and with the help of our advisors, you’ll be in our vibrant Silicon Valley location in no time. 

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