All SJSU Programs

Voted as one of the top public universities in the West, SJSU offers a vast number of undergraduate and graduate programs that will lead you to success. Whether you plan to dive into a STEM program or have an interest in liberal arts, SJSU will help you cultivate a future you are proud of.

STEM Programs

These multidimensional programs in science, technology, engineering, and math are the gateway to an exciting career with high salaries and rapid growth.

All Colleges

With 9 colleges offering courses both in-person and online, San José State University stands apart for being both affordable and high-quality. Our colleges are highly ranked, innovatively developed, and provide excellent networking opportunities with Silicon Valley companies.

Professional Education

SJSU offers a wide variety of programs to suit the needs of busy professionals. If you are ready to advance your career and need a flexible course schedule that suits your needs, these programs are for you.

SJSU Online

Our affordable 100% online programs are an excellent way to earn your degree at SJSU. With programs taught by our award-winning faculty and industry experts, you’ll receive the full SJSU experience while learning fully online.

Spotlight Undergraduate Programs

At San José University, we are proud of our programs that lead you towards a successful career and personal growth. Our spotlight programs offer opportunities in fields that are not only in demand, but are innovative, creative and inspiring. 

Spotlight Graduate Programs

Our Spotlight Graduate Programs provide the chance to enhance your education and career. Many of our programs offer the opportunity to keep your professional career while learning on a flexible schedule. What new and exciting programs will you explore today?

Special and Regular Session

At SJSU, we offer two paths for your education, regular session and special session. These two differ in that regular sessions are state-supported and special sessions are fully supported by students tuition. Special sessions tend to be geared towards professionals and are more flexible, while regular sessions are more traditional.

SAGE Program

The SAGE program combines your bachelor's degree with a master's degree, making it a faster way to complete your post-secondary education. Blend your bachelor's degree and your masters in your third year, accelerating your way toward a promising career.

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