New Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Program

Accelerate the way you earn your degrees with this blended program, SAGE. Complete your undergraduate degree in four years and your graduate degree in one year, a faster way to complete this level of education and begin your career. You will typically apply for the SAGE program in your third year, and blend your undergraduate and graduate courses in your fourth year. 

Current SAGE Programs


  • Complete your undergraduate and graduate degrees in 5 years
  • Seamlessly progress from undergraduate to graduate degree without having to go through the admissions process twice.


  • Complete a minimum of 60 undergraduate SAGE program applicable units towards the SAGE Program but not more than 120 undergraduate program applicable units at the time of admission into the SAGE program. Note that SAGE program-eligible units are not equivalent to degree-applicable units. Check with your advisor for the difference.
  • Complete the undergraduate Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (Area Z/100W/GWAR prior to admission into the SAGE program).
  • A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of admission into the SAGE program. Note that some SAGE programs have higher minimum GPAs. 
  • SAGE students in the undergraduate career must have completed all lower division courses (designated as 0-99, including lower division general education courses and American Institutions courses) BEFORE transitioning into the SAGE graduate degree objective status. Students who have completed 120 degree-eligible units but have not completed all lower-division courses will be removed from the SAGE program and will complete the standalone undergraduate degree. 

International students interested in participating in the SAGE program can contact International Student and Scholar Services for assistance regarding additional requirements.

Proposal Process: 

  • Review requirements
  • Submit a proposal
  • Once submitted, you will go through the approval process

Approval Process: 

  • Submit the department-specific application to the SAGE program with your advisor
  • You must meet with your advisor every semester to review and complete the SAGE Academic Career Planner
  • The semester before you reach 120 degree-eligible units, you must file a second application to ensure that you will be transferred into the graduate career the following semester.


College Approval Deadline: December 1 (Fall) or September 1 (Spring). If you submit a proposal and receive college approval by December 1, your proposal will be effective the following Fall (in the next calendar year).  

Steps to Admission and FAQ: Steps to admission and frequently asked questions are outlined in the Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Handbook

Contact: SAGE Advisor Contacts

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