Getting Involved In Your Community

Welcome to San José State University (SJSU), your new community. At SJSU, we offer a variety of ways to stay engaged within our community and outside our walls in beautiful Silicon Valley. Your connections, new opportunities, and mentors await.

What You Can Do 

San Jose is the city of entrepreneurship and innovation. The possibilities are endless. In an accessible city with public transportation, you will find it easy to explore all there is to offer. 

Campus Life

Opportunity awaits you at SJSU, a university where you can discover who you want to be both in the classroom and in our community. Take advantage of all the countless ways to get involved.

  • Associated Students-  Embrace new experiences with the Associated Students Department.
  • Student organizations- With hundreds of organizations and cultural groups, enjoy the chance to discover where you fit in at SJSU. 
  • Fraternities and sororities- Get social and get involved by joining a fraternity or sorority where you will enjoy new friendships and community service opportunities. 

Get Involved

Connection and community are all part of a successful education at SJSU. Take part in events, join a club, and create lasting relationships.

  • Weeks of Welcome- Take part in the hundreds of events that happen in the first few weeks of each semester, designed to support your success
  • Join a Club- Join or even start your own recognized student organization!
  • Learn to Lead- Develop your leadership skills and take advantage of the benefits out-of-the-classroom experiences have to offer. 

Living in San Jose

Welcome to San Jose, California, a city filled with diversity, activity, and some of the world’s top companies. As a new spartan, you will certainly have many questions about your new surroundings. Here are a few things to get you started. 

Spartan Eats

San José State University has an array of dining options to fit our diverse student body. Get to know the menus, locations, and how to purchase meal plans. 

Groups and Clubs

There are over 400 active student organizations on the SJSU campus. Some are academic clubs whose members share the same major. Others are focused on sports, culture, religion, or special interests. Joining one of our many clubs is a great way to broaden your network, explore new interests, and connect with other students at SJSU. Take time to check out the many opportunities you have with SJSU!  Student Organization Directory

Research and Innovation 

SJSU is recognized as a leader in research and innovation. Our location in Silicon Valley and our partnerships with global companies offer you endless opportunities. Be sure to check out one of the many organizations, clubs, and groups offered in research, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 

Research Groups in each Department

Sammy App

SJSU’s mobile app is a great way to stay connected to what’s happening at SJSU, keep yourself organized with assignments and classes, and connect with peers. Check out the different clubs and groups you can join!  SJSU Mobile App

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