Kim Blisniuk in the field

Kim Blisniuk
Associate Professor / Undergraduate Advisor


Prof. Kim Blisniuk applies field investigations, high resolution digital topography data and various Quaternary geochronologic techniques to study how earth’s surface evolves during Quaternary timescales from earthquakes and changes in climate.

Phone: (408) 924-5045
Office: DH 222
Office Hours: By appointment via Zoom or Google Chat
E-mail: kimberly.blisniuk@sjsu.edu

Dr. Blisniuk's website
For Undergraduate advising use:
E-mail: undergradadvisor-geology@sjsu.edu

Nate BogieNate Bogie
Assistant Professor

Nate is our resident subsurface hydrologist, his lab studies movement of water, nutrients, and contaminants through aquifers, plants, and soil. He also teaches hydrogeology, sustainability, and low temperature geochemistry.

Phone: (408) 924-5038 
Office: DH 315B
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: nathaniel.bogie@sjsu.edu

Dr. Bogie's Website

Manny Gabet

Manny Gabet
Professor / Graduate Advisor

I am a geomorphologist with a wide range of interests. My students and I study topics such as the causes of rockfall, the effects of dam removal on river systems, mercury contamination, glacial erosion, and the geologic evolution of the Sierra Nevada.

Phone: (408) 924-5035
Office: DH 223
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: manny.gabet@sjsu.edu

Dr. Gabet's website

Ellen Metzger

Ellen Metzger
Professor / BAESI Director

I am a metamorphic petrologist and science educator with a wide variety of interests.  My current research focuses on high-grade metamorphism in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, Miocene volcanics in the Central California Coast Ranges that formed  in a subduction-transform transitional setting, and education for sustainability.

Phone: (408) 924-5048
Office: DH 319
Office Hours: By Appointment
E-mail: ellen.metzger@sjsu.edu

BAESI website

Jonathan Miller at his microscope

Jonathan Miller
Professor / Department Chair

Phone: (408) 924-5015
Office: DH 321
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: jonathan.miller@sjsu.edu

Bob Miller in the field

Robert Miller

I am a field-oriented structural geologist and tectonicist. My research focuses on the tectonic evolution of the North Cascades of Washington and British Columbia, and the construction, emplacement, and structure of granitic plutons in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada. Major current projects are on relationships between magmatic flare-ups, crustal structure, and arc rheology, and on displacement histories of Mesozoic and early Cenozoic strike-slip fault zones in the Pacific NW

Phone: (408) 924-5025
Office: DH 314
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: robert.b.miller@sjsu.edu

Carlie Pietsch

Carlie Pietsch
Assistant Professor

I am a deep-time marine biologist (paleontologist) working with an active group of undergraduate and graduate students to study ancient mass extinction and extreme climate events using marine fossils (snails, plankton, sea urchins, etc.), the surrounding sediments, and chemical signals preserved in fossilized shell.

Phone: (408) 924-5279
Office: DH 201
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: carlie.pietsch@sjsu.edu

Dr. Pietsch's website
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Ryan Portner

Ryan Portner
Assistant Professor

I am a volcanologist that uses sedimentology/stratigraphy, igneous petrology, geochemistry, geochronology and field mapping to study oceanic crust formation, submarine eruption dynamics and volcaniclastic transport/deposition processes on the seafloor. To do this my research team and I integrate field studies of modern and ancient deposits exposed on the seafloor and on land with laboratory based analytical approaches.

Phone: (408) 924-5009
Office: DH 202
Office Hours: By appointment via Zoom or Google Chat 
E-mail: ryan.portner@sjsu.edu

Dr. Portner's website

Don Reed

Don Reed

Professor Reed is currently in the Faculty Early Retirement Program and teaches oceanography online in the fall semester each year.

Phone: (408) 924-5036
Office: DH 305
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: donald.reed@sjsu.edu