Published Theses 1970-1979

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  • 1970. Brown, James Jr. Geophysical Investigations of the Empire Cave, North of Santa Cruz, California. 59 p.
  • 1970. Carter, C. H. Geology of the Pelassou Ridge Area, California. 70 p.
  • 1970. Dunne, George. Petrology of a Portion of the Pat Keyes Pluton, Inyo County, California. 73 p.
  • 1970. Greene, Gary. Morphology, Sedimentation and Seismic Characteristics of an Arctic Beach, Nome, Alaska and with Economic Significances. 139 p.
  • 1970. Mitchell, Martha. Vapor Pressure of Mercury Sulfide and Mercury Selenide. 92 p.
  • 1970. O'Kane, John Jr. Silicoflagellates of Monterey Bay, California. 92 p.
  • 1970. Olson, Robert. Geology of the Northweastern Inyo Mountains, Inyo County, California. 73 p.

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  • 1971. Austin, Steven. Critique of Uniformitarianism. 121 p.
  • 1971. Bauer, Paul. Geology of the Redwood Retreat-Croy Ridge Area of Santa Clara County, California. 74 p.
  • 1971. Cooper, Alan. Structure of the Continental Shelf West of San Francisco, California. 65 p.
  • 1971. Endo, Elliot. Focal Mechanisms for the May 15-18, 1970 Shallow Kilauea Earthquake Swarm. 165 p.
  • 1971. Locke, James. Sedimentation and Foraminiferal Aspects of the Recent Sediments of San Pablo Bay. 100 p.
  • 1971. Mankinen, Edward. Paleomagnetism and Potassium-Argos Ages of the Sonoma Volcanics, California. 67 p.
  • 1971. Ridley, Albert. Devonian and Mississippian Sedimentation and Stratigraphy of the Mazourka Canyon Area, Inyo Mountains, Inyo County, California. 78 p.
  • 1971. Sheth, Madhusudan. A Heavy Mineral Study of Pleistocene and Holocene Sediments near Nome, Alaska. 83 p.
  • 1971. Sorensen, Martin. Petrology of Some Sandstones from the Eastern Olympic Peninsula, Washington. 57 p.
  • 1971. Spencer, Clyde Jr. Statistical Correlation of Platinum Metals with Heavy Minerals in Stream Sediments of the Klamath Mountains, California. 62 p.
  • 1971. Valdes, Fernando Jr. Magnetic and Gravity Investigations of Ultramafic Rocks near Camp Meeker, California. 116 p.

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  • 1972. Bennett, Reb. Geology of the Dexter Canyon Area, Santa Clara County, California. 67 p.
  • 1972. Calk, Lewis. The Effects of a Basalt Intrusion on the Fission Tract Ages of Accessory Minerals in the Cathedral Peak Granite, California. 37 p.
  • 1972. Cress, Leland. Geology of the Carlin Window Area, Eureka County, Nevada. 103 p.
  • 1972. Dittmer, Eric. A Sediment Budget Analysis of Monterey Bay. 132 p.
  • 1972. Leopold, Lawrence. A Study of Seaward Dipping Internal Structures within Large Scale Ripple Marks in the Marine Environment. 61 p.
  • 1972. Levine, Saul. Detection of Faults in the Hollister Valley, California by Thermal Mapping Techniques. 68 p.
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  • 1973. Batchelder, John. A Study of Stable Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions at Copper Canyon, Lander County, Nevada. 92 p.
  • 1973. Cunningham, Gary. Ablation Studies of an Artificial Meteor of Olivine Composition. 59 p.
  • 1973. Kelley, J. S. Structural Geology of a Portion of the Southwest Quarter of the New York Butte Quadrangle, Inyo County, California. 93 p.
  • 1973. McLaughlin, Robert. Geology of the Sargent Fault Zone in the Vicinity of Mount Madonna, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties, California. 131 p.

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  • 1974. Elayer, Robert. Stratigraphy and Structure of the Southern Inyo Mountains, Inyo County, California. 121 p.
  • 1974. Frame, Philip. Landslides in the Mt. Sizer Area, Santa Clara County, California. 87 p.
  • 1974. Simoni, Tully Jr. Geology of the Loma Prieta Area, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties, California. 75 p.
  • 1974. Sumsion, R. Scott. Stratigraphy and Fusulinid Paleontology of Permian Exposures in the Vicinity of Eureka, Nevada. 127 p.
  • 1974. Wagner, Dana. Lower Permian Paleogeography and Fusulinid Paleontology, Northeastern Nevada and Western Utah. 254 p.

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  • 1975. Bargar, Keith. Effects of Water Storage Regulation upon Sedimentation in Lexington and Coyote Reservoirs, Santa Clara County, California. 151 p.
  • 1975. Davis, Alice. Artificial Meteor Ablation Studies: Iron and Nickel-Iron. 67 p.
  • 1975. Keith, William. Geology of the Red Mountain Mining District, Esmeralda County, Nevada. 75 p.
  • 1975. Osbun, Erik. Geology of the Sveadal Area, Southern Santa Cruz Mountains, California. 156 p.
  • 1975. Randall, Richard. Geology of the Salt Springs Area, Death Valley, California, and Its Bearing on Early Mesozoic Regional Tectonics. 62 p.
  • 1975. Rodeick, Craig. The Origin, Distribution and Depositional History of Gravel Deposits on the Beaufort Sea Continental Shelf, Alaska. 87 p.
  • 1975. Seidelman, Paul. Seismically-induced geologic hazards in San Mateo, California. 65 p.
  • 1975. Sheriff, Akbar. Origin and Distribution of Terrigenous Detritus in the Late Early Permian of the Central Cordilleran Miogeosyncline, Utah and Nevada. 69 p.
  • 1975. Torres, Adrian. Landslides at Bolinas, Marin County, California. 123 p.
  • 1975. Wagner, David. Mesozoic Geology of the Walter Springs Area, Napa County, California. 68 p.

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  • 1976. Bartsch-Winkler, Susan. Geology of the Oak Flat Ranch Area, Santa Clara County, California. 52 p.
  • 1976. Carothers, William. Alphatic Acids and Stable Carbon Isotopes of Oil Field Waters in the San Joaquin Valley, California. 68 p.
  • 1976. Holden, Kenneth. Geology of the Central Argus Range. 65 p.
  • 1976. Macy, Jonathan. Sediment yield of the Upper San Lorenzo Watershed Using quantitative geomorphic and sediment sampling approaches. 127 p.
  • 1976. Silva, Lawrence. Landslides in the Upper Kings Creek and Deer Creek Watersheds, Castle Rock State Park, California. 100 p.
  • 1976. Stuart, James. Stratigraphy and Structure of a Portion of Southwestern New York Butte Quadrangle, Inyo County, California. 178 p.
  • 1976. Todd, William. A Gravity, Magnetic and Seismic Investigation of the Providencia Mine Vicinity, New Almaden, California. 59 p.

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  • 1977. Kyte, Frank. On the Origin of Extraterrestrial Stratospheric Particles: Interplanetary Dust of Meteor Ablation Debris? 71 p.
  • 1977. Nakata, John. Distribution and Petrology of the Anderson-Coyote Reservoir Volcanic Rocks. 105 p.
  • 1977. Pearl, James. Petrology of Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks in the Northwesternmost Part of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. 91 p.
  • 1977. Ross, Bruce. The Pleistocene History of the San Francisco Bay Along the Southern Crossing. 121 p.

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  • 1978. Albert, Nairn. Application of Computer-Enhanced Landsat Imagery to Mineral Resource Assessment in South-Central Alaska. 141 p.
  • 1978. Brown, Janet. Sedimentology of a Late Pleistocene and Holocene Continental and Estuarine Deposit, Mountain View California. 74 p.
  • 1978. Conley, David. Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Owens Valley formation at the Type Locality, Inyo County, California. 62 p.
  • 1978. Dockter, Roger. Stratigraphy and Fusulinid Paleontology of Permian Exposures in the Diamond Spring Quadrangle, Nevada. 128 p.
  • 1978. Haltenhoff, Frederick. Geology of the Great Valley Sequence and Related Rocks in a Portion of the Dublin 7 1/2 Minute Quadrangle, California. 78 p.
  • 1978. Hill, James. Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironment of the Miocene Monterey Group in the East San Francisco Bay Region, California. 113 p.
  • 1978. Le Compte, James. Geology of the Northeastern Part of the Leach Range, Elko County, Nevada. 71 p.
  • 1978. Metz, Jenny. Petrology of the Santa Rita Flat Pluton, Inyo Mountains, California. 95 p.
  • 1978. Moffitt, John. Depositional History of Late Paleozoic Rocks in the Southeastern Darwin Hills, California. 66 p.
  • 1978. Porter, Edward. Geology and Hazards of the Bohlman Road Region, Santa Clara County, California. 136 p.
  • 1978. Reid, George. The Relationships Among Slope Processes, Soils, Bedrock, and Topography in an Area of Franciscan Terrane in Marine County, California. 90 p.
  • 1978. Rymer, Michael. Stratigraphy of the Cache Formation (Pleistocene) in Clear Lake Basin, Lake County, California. 99 p.
  • 1978. Simpson, Garey. Shoal Migration and Dune Encroachment, North Harbor, Moss Landing, California. 48 p.
  • 1978. Whiteley, Karen. Geology of a Portion of the Hayward 7 1/2' Quadrangle, Alameda County, California. 113 p.

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  • 1979. Armin, Richard. Geology of the Southeastern Stansbury Mountains and Southern Onaqui Mountains, Tooele County, Utah, With a Paleoenvironmental Study of Part of the Oquirrh Group. 105 p.
  • 1979. Bennett, Michael. Depositional Environment and Geotechnical Properties of Quaternary Sediment from South San Francisco Bay, San Mateo County, California. 133 p.
  • 1979. DeCoster, Judith. Landslide Deposits, their Slope, Exposure, and Degree of Slope in the Area of Mt. Hamilton, California. 43 p.
  • 1979. Husk, Robert. Stratigraphy and Structure of a Portion of the Southeastern Inyo Mountains, California. 60 p.
  • 1979. Littlefield, Robert. Structural Analysis of the Long John Canyon Area in the New York Butte Quadrangle, Inyo County, California. 118 p.
  • 1979. Peterson, David. Hillslope Erosion Processes Related to Bedrock Soils, and Topography of the Three Peaks Area, Marin County, California. 94 p.
  • 1979. Solomon, Barry. Geology and Oil Shale Resources Near Elko, Nevada. 142 p.
  • 1979. Younse, Gary. The Stratigraphy and Phosphoritic Rocks of the Robinson Canyon, Laureles Grande Area. 127 p.
  • 1979. Ziemianski, Wayne. Clay Mineral Changes Associated with Intensification of Glaciation in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea. 44 p.

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