Tom Harris Scholarship


The Harris Family and Friends

Tom HarrisThe Tom Harris scholarship was established as an endowment by his family in May 2005 in order to recognize Tom’s passion for geology and the outdoors and his endearment with the San Jose Staté University Geology Department.


Name Year Semester
Amy Vandiver 2006 Spring
Morgan Mendoza 2006 Fall
Sergio Schirripa 2007 Spring
Thomas DeSimone 2007 Fall
Christopher McMahon 2008 Spring
John Watson 2008 Fall
Ashley Van Dyne 2009 Spring
Bret J. Treece 2009 Fall
Gavin Turner 2011 Spring
Hilary Whitney 2011 Fall
Sylva Nick 2012 Spring
Kenzi Smith 2013 Spring
Marienel Basiga 2014 Spring
Michael Romero 2014 Spring
Carlos Pioi di Savoia 2015 Spring
Alexander Carlino 2015 Spring
Torrance Magtoto 2016 Spring
Jacob Danielson 2016 Spring
Lillith Gillespie 2017 Spring
Ana Jaime-Landeros 2018 Spring
Hollianne McClure 2018 Spring
Destiny Kapule 2018 Spring
Elizabeth Gulberlet 2019 Spring
Ethan Paladino 2019 Spring