The Department of Geology provides courses and degree programs designed to increase students' understanding of the Earth, to continue their education toward advanced degrees in the Earth sciences, and to obtain rewarding career employment.

The B.S. in Geology and the AS-T in Geology (under construction) offer flexible programs that prepare students for admission to graduate programs in the geosciences, and for entry-level positions in engineering, geophysical, and geological firms; in regulatory, hazardous materials, and ecological firms; in computer mapping firms; and in local, regional, and state government agencies.

The B.A. in Earth Science provides a broad background in the Earth Sciences. It is a path for students planning on teaching science in middle schools and high schools, or are interested in interdisciplinary fields such as environmental and sustainability issues. 

The Minor in Geology allows graduates to supplement their major degree program with a broad, well-founded understanding of the Earth sciences and the principles of scientific investigation.

Departmental Honors are awarded to those majors who have achieved a 3.5 GPA in their required departmental courses and have completed an undergraduate research project. A proposal for undergraduate research, including an identified Geology faculty supervisor, must be approved by the Geology honors committee for acceptance into the honors program. Completion of two units of Geology 180 and both written and oral presentation of research results are required for completion of the program.

If you are interested in changing your major, please fill out the Office of the Registrar's Change of Major form.