Careers/On-Campus Employment

At SJSU, we offer our international students a wealth of opportunities. All F-1 students, even those in their first semester at SJSU, are eligible for on-campus employment as long as they maintain their status by enrolling full-time each semester and are in good academic standing. Start your career right here on campus. 


  • All F-1 students are eligible for on-campus employment and no authorization is needed by USCIS. 
  • Students must maintain good academic standing
  • Students must maintain F-1 status
  • Eligibility ends once you have completed your degree, if you are on academic probation, or if you lose your F-1 student status due to a violation of status.

On Campus Opportunities

Working on campus is a great way to kick start your career, work closely with faculty and staff, and earn an income to support your time at SJSU. Some examples of on-campus jobs are teaching assistant, research assistant, student assistant, and Spartan Shop student worker. You may also work for a commercial firm providing services to students or work off campus at a location educationally affiliated with SJSU. An off-campus position must be associated with your academic department and integral to your education. 

If you are unsure whether the employment opportunity you are being offered can be considered on-campus employment, please contact ISSS at

SJSU Handshake 

Apply for jobs, stay up-to-date on career-related events, and stay updated with the campus careers newsletter all in one place. Login to SJSU Handshake with your SJSUOne ID and password.

Career Services Office

Begin planning for your career—attend events, enjoy networking opportunities, and create connections to top companies within Silicon Valley. 

CPT, OPT Work Authorizations

As an international student studying in the U.S., work authorizations, including Curricular Practical Training or Optional Practical Training, are required when working off campus. The International Student Scholar Services office provides support and can help navigate the different allowable employment options that are available to International students.

Career Fairs and Events - Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s top companies. Our career fairs and events provide you with a direct way to engage with these employers and create opportunities.

Office of Innovation

Transform your education and career in the heart of Silicon Valley by joining one of the many research and innovation opportunities.

  • SAVi Idealab
    The SAVi Idealab is a hub to share and submit your theories, technological or geographic mathematical frameworks, and applications of Spatial Analytics and Visualization. Get published in diverse areas such as geographic information science/systems, remote sensing, urban and regional planning, geography, cartography, environmental modeling, geographic artificial intelligence, and similar fields. 
  • SpartUp Incubator
    Combining SJSU Research & Innovation, University Programs, and Community Organizations, the SpartUp Incubator Program is a unique program to support student entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are guided through the entire process of the startup journey.
  • Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC)
    The SVIC welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs, providing the tools and mentorship to take your ideas and make them a reality. While only winners receive an award, you will benefit greatly from direct mentorship and networking opportunities.
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