Graduate Spotlight Programs

At San José University, we are proud of our programs that lead you toward a successful career and personal growth. Our spotlight programs offer opportunities in fields that are in demand, have great median salaries, and provide access to industry professionals and Silicon Valley businesses. Explore these exciting opportunities today.


  • Aerospace Engineering
    A degree like no other and an educational experience that truly stands out, the M.S. in Aerospace Engineering provides in-depth studies with unique hands-on experiences. Connect with and learn from NASA engineers and SJSU expert faculty.
  • Biomedical Engineering
    Designed in partnership with Silicon Valley Biomedical companies, the M.S. Biomedical Engineering program is an interdisciplinary field that will prepare you for a wide variety of emerging careers at the intersection of biological and health science and engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering
    With classes offered in the late afternoon and evening while also having both full-time and part-time options, the M.S. in Chemical Engineering is a great degree for working professionals. Advance your studies of chemical engineering and take the next step in your career.
  • Engineering Technology
    If you have completed a BS in a STEM-related field, then you are a great candidate for an emerging degree in Engineering Technology. Offered through the Department of Aviation and Technology, the M.S. in Engineering Technology provides an advanced education in a growing field.
  • Materials Engineering
    The M.S. in Materials Engineering is a multi-disciplinary program with research opportunities in partnership with Silicon Valley companies and unique electives to customize your learning experience.
  • Industrial Systems Engineering
    An evening program designed for industry professionals, the M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering combines operations and management courses with graduate studies in industrial and systems engineering. Choose from four specializations and join a field growing rapidly.
  • M.S. in Engineering Management
    Merging an engineering technology education with management studies on organization and administration, the 10-course M.S. in Engineering Management is offered in the evenings— a great option for busy professionals.
  • Industrial Systems Engineering concentration in Operation Analytics
  • Electrical Engineering
    There is no better place to study Electrical Engineering than in one of the most transformative and inspiring cities: Silicon Valley. The Master of Science in Electrical Engineering offers you the opportunity to learn from faculty who are experts in the field and be on your way to a career that will power the future.


Teaching credential programs:

  • Credential / MAT, Single Subject / Secondary Education
    If you have a bachelor’s degree and have been considering a career in teaching, SJSU’s single-subject teaching credential for secondary education is a great alternative path. Enjoy the flexibility of evening classes and be on your way to a teaching career in 3-5 semesters.
  • Credential / MAT, Multiple Subject / Elementary Education
    A career path that will not only be enjoyable but create a positive change in others' lives is Elementary Education. Our alternative route to obtaining a teaching certificate is a great way to achieve your career goals in an accelerated format.
  • Ed.D Leadership Program
    The Ed. D Leadership Program at SJSU prepares educational leaders to advocate for equality in PK-12 and higher education. Dive deeper into the understanding of different pedagogies, practices, policies, and curricula. This program offers two options: hybrid and fully online.


  • Kinesiology
    The M.S. in Kinesiology is the next step in your education as a health and wellness professional. This newly re-designed program offers five concentrations, an excellent career outlook, and the option of furthering your education to top doctoral programs around the U.S.
  • Occupational Therapy
    A great career with a high median salary and faster than average job growth, the M.S. in Occupational therapy is the advanced education you need to sit for your national certification exam and be on your way to an exceptional career.
  • Public Health
    The MPH at SJSU provides two options for learning: a regular in-person program and an online special session program offered by the College of Health and Human Sciences. Enjoy this community-based training and a meaningful career.


  • Nutritional Science
    For those seeking advanced knowledge and preparation for leadership roles in nutrition, the M.S. in Nutritional Science is a great choice. Earn a degree in a rewarding field while completing the requirements needed to become a registered dietitian.
  • Biotechnology (Special Session)
    With over 90% of SJSU students having jobs upon graduation, the Master of Biotechnology is a unique degree combining lab-based science and MBA-level business courses. The perfect way to join the Silicon Valley biotech/high-tech workforce.
  • Doctor of Audiology
    Silicon Valley is a great place to continue your education with the Doctor of Audiology program. SJSU is one of the top 200 research universities, making this program stand out.
  • Marine Science
    The Master of Science degree in Marine Science is offered by internationally known Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) in partnership with SJSU. This cutting-edge program has many exciting opportunities, including an active research diving program and the opportunity to research in a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Meteorology
    The Department of Meteorology and Climate Science offers you a Master of Science in Meteorology taught by faculty with expertise in various areas of atmospheric science. Further your education with this inspiring program and join fellow alumni working with top agencies, continuing their education to earn a PHD and working as educators.
  • Science Education
    Science educators and specialists, complete this flexible degree in two to three years to deepen your knowledge and background in science education. For those seeking a credential, enjoy the benefit of the joint credential and MS program.
  • Quantum Technology
    A new and unique degree that blends together the Departments of Physics & Astronomy and Electrical Engineering, the M.S. in Quantum Technology equips you to enter a growing STEM field. Gain the QISE skills needed to join others specializing in quantum technology.

Social Science

  • Anthropology
    SJSU’s cutting-edge M.A. in Anthropology deepens your knowledge in anthropology and archaeology to use in a rewarding career. Work directly with faculty and area organizations on your research projects and thesis.
  • History
    A diverse group of faculty who are PhDs, historians, and experts in their fields will guide your cohort through one of three programs: US History (focus on the early period up to 1865 or the later period 1865 to present), Modern European History, or World History (with regional focus).
  • Justice Studies
    An engaging and purpose-driven career is ahead of you with the MS in Justice Studies at SJSU. This program covers a wide area of subjects including criminology, criminal justice, sociology, political science, psychology, law, and history.
  • Urban Planning
  • Ranked #10 in the West for Urban Planning Programs by Planetizen, SJSU’s Urban Planning Program is Silicon Valley’s only accredited urban planning program. Solve the complex issues that transportation faces in a busy city.

Humanities and the Arts

  • H&A programs
    A liberal arts education allows for great creativity and autonomy in your education and career. The College of Humanity and The Arts at SJSU is a wonderful place to start a career you are passionate and excited about.


  • Master of Design XD (Special Session)
    There are no limits to your creativity when you join the Master of Design XD at SJSU. Through industry mentorships, teaching assistantships, and faculty-led research collaborations, as well as our Silicon Valley location, you have direct access to top design companies and networking opportunities.
  • Master of Design Animation (Special Session)
    Further develop your artistic skills and portfolio with the MDes Animation program. Professionals will benefit from the flexible learning schedule, connection to local animation studios, and an experience with vast opportunities.


  • Medical Product Development (Special Session)
    In just two years and thirteen credits, you can complete this industry-relevant degree program designed in partnership with biomedical experts in the field. The MPDM program is voted #4 on the list of top 25 Clinical Research and Clinical Research Management Master’s Degree Programs by the Healthcare Management Degree Guide.


  • Applied Mathematics
    An opportunity to deepen your studies in mathematics, the M.S. in Applied Mathematics is a great option if you are looking into a mathematical research or development career. Applied mathematics careers are growing at a must faster rate than other occupations, providing you with vast career opportunities after graduation.
  • Statistics
    Are you a recent graduate with a degree in mathematics or statistics? The MS in Statistics is the next step in securing an advanced career practicing statisticians in business, government or industry. Dive into a rigorous study of statistics in combination with communications skills to broaden your knowledge and career opportunities.
  • Economics/Applied Economics
    With a M.A. in Applied Economics you will enter into a career in a growing field with a high median salary. As a student, you will equip yourself with the skills needed for careers in teaching, private business, the public sector, banking, and consulting.
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