Justice Studies, MS


The Justice Studies MS program draws upon criminology, criminal justice, sociology, political science, psychology, law, and history. Areas of teaching and research in the Department of Justice Studies include social theory, policing, law & society, human rights, policy evaluation, juvenile justice, immigration, punishment & society, race, history, and forensic science.

The Justice Studies MS program prepares students for careers in criminal justice administration, public institutions, grassroots community organizations, and nonprofit agencies, as well as doctoral programs and research positions in public agencies.

Curriculum and Requirements

*Section 40510(b)(2), California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Education, requires that courses in completed graduate degree programs be no older than seven years at the time of the degree award.

The seven-year period is counted from the end of the semester in which the course was completed. Thus, no more than seven years may elapse between the time the first course in a graduate program is completed and the time the last item in the program is completed, the latter indicating fulfillment of all degree requirements. Contact the Graduate Coordinator if a course on your candidacy form is affected by this rule.

Program Prerequisites

In addition to the university's admission requirements, the Justice Studies Department has a set of requirements that do not prevent admission but will place students in "conditional classified standing." The program expects students to develop expertise in criminology, criminal justice, justice studies, research methods, writing, and statistics.

  • Research methods course
    • the student lacking this may be required to take an equivalent course after admission.
  • Statistics course
    • the student lacking this may be required to take an equivalent course after admission.
  • Baccalaureate degree in any field from a recognized university.  
  • Demonstration of advanced writing skills
    • the student lacking this may be required to take a writing intensive course.

At the department's discretion, applicants meeting the university's requirements for the Graduate Division but lacking any of the above requirements for classified standing may be considered for admission to conditionally classified standing. 

Contact Information

For any questions regarding your application to the Justice Studies, MS program, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.

Meet with an Advisor

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