Apply for Graduation

Once the student has completed 90 units, they must complete a Major Form and the Graduation Application. Please pay close attention to the application deadlines listed on the top of the form. Students need to either email both forms and their unofficial transcript(s) to their department advisor, or meet with their department advisor during their office hours.

The advisor will review the both the major form and the graduation application with the student and answer any questions related to graduation. The advisor will make necessary edits and sign the forms, which then the student will submit both to the Department of Justice Studies Main Office (MH 524 or via email at at the same time for the Department Chair to review.

After reviewing, the Department Chair will sign the major form and the main office will submit the documents to Registrar. If any questions arise, the student or the advisor will be contacted. When the forms are sent to the Registrar, the student will receive an email notification.

Visit the Registrar's Undergraduate Graduation page for more information.

Meet with your department advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns.