Criminology, Global Criminology Concentration, MS


The Department of Justice Studies at San José State University offers an online Master of Science in Criminology with a Concentration in Global Criminology designed to adapt to the ever-changing environment of the justice and legal systems, and the discipline of criminology. It uniquely combines an advanced study of contemporary international crime and the various responses to crime around the globe with analytic and research techniques used by advanced scholars. It provides an international comparative curriculum that develops analytical skills, an understanding of legal concepts, theoretical competency, and abilities to apply criminology in practical ways. It aims to equip graduates with a global outlook on crime and criminal justice, a commitment to international justice, and professional competencies to apply practices from around the globe to meet the particular needs of their communities.

Online Master's Program, Special Session, or Self-Support

The Criminology, Global Criminology Concentration, MS is a Special Session program. Special Session programs are supported by fees based on the cost of delivering the courses (e.g., salaries, technology infrastructure, administrative costs). The State of California does not provide funds to support Special Session classes. On the other hand, Special Session students are not required to pay SJSU campus mandatory fees that must be paid by Regular Session students (with the assumption that they will not be using student services or gaining benefits provided to students on campus). The College of Professional and Global Studies administers Special Session programs. Please visit their FAQ page for helpful information.

Curriculum and Requirements

Schedule of Classes

MS Criminology classes do not have a day/time pattern. They will be asynchronous, allowing students to engage in courses at days/times that better fit their schedule.

Year 1, Fall semester

  • JS 265: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
  • JS 266: Applied Research and Statistics

Year 1, Spring semester

  • JS 273: International Criminology & Juvenile Delinquency
  • JS 267: Crime & Gender Around the World 

Year 1, Summer semester

  • JS 269: Cyber Forensics
  • JS 270A: Global Terrorism

Year 2, Fall semester

  • JS 271: International Human Rights
  • JS 272: Policing in Global Contexts

Year 2, Spring semester

  • JS 274: Applied Project
  • JS 268: Immigration and International Law

Special Session Program Fees

$680/unit, with a 5% increase next fall.

Special Session fees are due within 21 days of registration for Spring and Fall. In Summer, fees are due within 15 days. Log in to your MySJSU account and look under Self-Service/Campus Finances for the option to pay fees.

Applicants, admitted students, and continuing students are responsible for checking their MySJSU accounts regularly to review all areas of their accounts (e.g. Payment Due Dates, Holds, To-Do List) for status updates, communications, and due dates from Financial Aid, the Bursar, Registrar, iSchool student services and instructors. Fees are paid to Cashiering Services in the Bursar's Office. Late payment of fees may result in being removed from classes. Due dates are provided at the time of registration. Locate payment due dates in the Finances section of your MySJSU account. The university sends no bills. The university charges a $25.00 per class late fee for classes added after the close of advanced registration.

Payment Methods

The SJSU Bursar’s Office accepts the following methods of online payment:

  • eCheck. (no fee)
  • Credit Card (non-refundable 2.75% service charge)

  • International Payments (There is no fee for international wire transfers by either the University or per transfer. However, the bank you use to send the wire transfer will probably charge a fee, so check with that bank for the fee schedule.)

For step-by-step instructions on how to pay online, download How to Make an Online Payment [pdf].

Online payment transactions must be completed by 11:50 p.m. on the Payment Due Date to avoid enrollment cancelation.

Problems with Fees

The Department of Justice Studies does not have access to your financial records in MySJSU and cannot view your payment due dates or financial aid award information. If you have any problems regarding fees, please contact your Account Specialist in the Bursar's Office. Please include your Student ID, Student name, and the Department name (Justice Studies).

Financial Aid Information

For more information about financial aid, contact Carol Garcia via email or call (408) 924-6081.

Funding for Graduate Students

The Office of Graduate Studies, San José State University, and the California State University system are proud to sponsor several programs, awards, and competitions designed to cultivate and encourage student research and scholarship for current graduate students. Please visit The College of Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities for more information. 

Installment Payment

Students who wish to sign-up for the payment plan for Special Session, please contact the Bursar's Office via email or call (408) 924-1601. Your inquiry will be directed to an Account Specialist.

Refund information for Special Session

Visit the Academic Programs FAQ page[BROKEN LINK] or call (408) 924-2670 for the refund policy information. To receive a full refund, special session students must drop before the first day of classes. 

Contact Information

For any questions regarding your application to the Criminology, Global Criminology, MS program, please contact the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Jodie Warren.

Meet with an Advisor

Visit the Academic Advising page for current advising office hours.

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