Undergraduate Programs

The Justice Studies Department provides a broad, research based interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses issues of justice and injustice in our rapidly changing world. The department prepares students for positions in a wide range of justice related careers. Students are also well prepared to pursue further education in justice studies research, law, and policy studies. Our recent graduates have gone on to become professionals within the justice system, have pursued careers in non profit agencies, and have continued their education in advanced degree programs. The Justice Studies Department is a member of the Consortium of Undergraduate Law and Justice Programs.


Graduate Programs (M.S. Justice Studies & M.S. Criminology)

Based on a cohort model, students in our Master's programs are exposed to rigorous curricula grounded in theory, methods, and policy. The M.S. in Justice Studies is an in-person program; the M.S. in Criminology is online, and is focused on global criminology.

Over a 2-year period, in each, students will take core seminars in theory, research methods, and other topics. These are complimented by a wide-variety of elective seminars in punishment, policing, juvenile justice, criminology, deviance, and law & society.

Upon graduation, students are well equipped to attend Ph.D. programs, law schools, work in research institutes, as well as to become leaders in justice related organizations.