2023 Justice Studies Scholarship Recipients

Headshot of scholarship reciepient, Lidia Landeros

     Daniel P. Lomio Memorial Scholarship 

     Recipient: Lidia Landeros

     Graduation date: June 2024


After graduation with my B.S. in Justice Studies with a concentration in Criminology, my next steps are to attend law school and receive my J.D. After that, I hope to take the bar exam and become a criminal/immigration defense attorney. 

First, I would like to sincerely thank the family of Daniel P. Lomio for this amazing award as it will help further my education in the legal field. I would also like to thank my beautiful mother for all the support she has provided for me to keep going. I look forward to the day when I will be able to become a donor and assist other Justice Studies students in their future careers.

Photo of student scholarship recipient, Thu Nguyen

     Willard “Huck” Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

     Recipient: Thu Nguyen

     Graduation date: Fall 2023


After graduation, my goal is to join the U.S. Army and become a military police officer for few years. I later plan to work for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

I am honored to be the recipient of the Willard “Huck” Schmidt Memorial Scholarship and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the family and friends of Willard “Huck” Schmidt for their support of students who need it most, particularly the first-generation college students like me. My final year at SJSU is much less stressful financially thanks to this scholarship. With the positivity and motivation that the Willard “Huck” Schmidt Memorial Scholarship has given to me, I can now strive even harder to achieve my educational and career aspirations.

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Kevelyn Duarte

     Kristofer Boaz Claspill Memorial Scholarship

     Recipient: Kevelyn Duarte 

     Graduation Date: Fall 2023 


After graduating, my ambition is to contribute significantly to my community by joining a community-oriented police department. Additionally, I aspire to explore the possibility of obtaining a law degree to further increase my outreach. 

I would like to express my deep appreciation to all my professors, who have provided me with a robust foundation in justice studies and demonstrated remarkable adaptability in their teaching methods, to my partner for her unwavering support and countless hours dedicated to helping me navigate the challenges of getting my education, and lastly, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Claspill family for their meaningful contribution to supporting my educational endeavors, allowing me to pursue my dreams. 

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Melissa Hernandez

     Theresa Edel Memorial Scholarship 

     Recipient: Melissa Christina Hernandez 

     Graduation Date: Spring 2024


After graduation, I plan to work as a forensic chemist at a crime lab here in California. An additional goal of mine is to become involved in cold case investigations. I aspire to assist in preventing the number of unsolved cases from growing exponentially.

I am incredibly honored to be the recipient of this award. I am truly grateful to have earned this scholarship created in honor of a woman who contributed so much to our department and our university. I want to thank the donor who created the Theresa Edel Memorial Scholarship for his generosity in keeping her memory alive. I also want to thank my friends, family, and professors for encouraging me on my academic journey. This award allows me to focus more on my studies by taking some of the financial stress off my shoulders. I hope to one day be in a position to donate back to this scholarship to help another student pursue their education goals. 

Photo of student scholarship recipient, Reyna Bautista, hugging brown and white dog

     Shelby B. Brewer Memorial Scholarship 

     Recipient Reyna Bautista

     Graduation date: Spring 2024


San Jose State has allowed me to discover my career path, and after graduating, I plan on continuing my education in the Justice Studies Master’s program. Once I finish my education, I will be using my degree to work in the juvenile justice system to support at-risk youth. I hope to make a positive impact on these youth’s lives.

I would like to express my gratitude to the family and friends of Shelby Brewer for allowing me the opportunity to receive this scholarship. In addition, I would like to thank my family and friends who continue to support my academic journey. The Shelby B. Brewer Scholarship was first introduced to me by one of my professors, and for that, I will forever be grateful. This scholarship has allowed me to de-stress from the financial burdens at the beginning of the academic school year. I am now able to afford my tuition while maintaining an appropriate amount of work hours that won’t compromise my academic standing. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be receiving this scholarship! I look forward to being able to donate back to the Justice Studies Department to continue the legacy of the Shelby B. Brewer Memorial Scholarship so another student can receive their education without the burden of financial obstacles.

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Samantha Arjon

     Simpson & Silva Memorial Scholarship 

     Recipient: Samantha Arjon

     Graduation date: Spring 2024


Upon graduation my next milestone will be pursuing a Master’s degree. I plan on becoming a crime scene investigator or work within the field of forensics. 

I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to my family and professors who have played a pivotal role in shaping the person I am today. Their guidance and support have been invaluable throughout my educational career. In particular, I am immensely grateful to those who donated to the Simpson and Silva Memorial Scholarship for giving me this remarkable opportunity to advance my education. Their generosity and belief in my potential has not only lifted a significant burden but also ignited a renewed sense of determination within me. It is through their selflessness and commitment that dreams are transformed into reality. With deep gratitude I vow to honor this incredible blessing by striving for excellence in my studies and embracing every opportunity for personal and academic growth. I eagerly anticipate the date when I can pay this remarkable gift forward, becoming a source of inspiration and support for others pursuing their own dreams. 

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Seth Francis

     Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Scholarship

     Recipient: Seth Francis 

     Graduation date: Fall 2023


After graduation, my career goal is to work within the field of Juvenile Justice. Once I complete my Bachelor’s degree, I would like to someday return to SJSU to earn a Master's Degree in Criminology. 

I am honored to have been supported throughout my journey in San Jose State University's Justice Studies Program. I have received endless advice and encouragement which has been invaluable to me. Everyone, especially my family, community, and the friends and family of Officer Jeffrey Fontana, has made me sincerely appreciative as I look forward to graduating and making plans to hopefully make a positive impact on the lives of youth ensnared within the Justice System. I'm extremely grateful for this scholarship. One day, I will pay it forward for future Justice Studies students by making a donation back to this scholarship fund to ensure that it continues to support passionate students like me.

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Alexandrea O'Neill

     Paula Stone Hubbell Memorial Scholarship

     Recipient: Alexandrea O’Neill

     Graduation Date: May 2024


Upon completion of my master’s degree, my plan is to pursue a PhD program in criminology.

Through continuing a career path in research, my goal is to study the relationship between social inequalities and current social structures. Ultimately, I would like to explore transformative alternatives to punitive justice systems.

I would like to thank the loved ones of Paula Stone Hubbell that made this scholarship possible. I am extremely grateful for the chance to pursue higher education, as I know that is not something that everyone has access to. Not only does this scholarship aid in covering my graduate school expenses, but it is also greatly encouraging as I move forward professionally. Thank you to all the donors who help make students’ dreams achievable.

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, T. Avra Rossman.

     Paula Stone Hubbell Memorial Scholarship

     Recipient: T. Avra Rossman 

     Graduation Date: Fall 2023


Following graduation, I plan to advocate for the rights of juveniles forced to undergo dangerous psychiatric treatments against their will. My goal is to help effect law and policy changes that will end the mental health industry’s current human rights violations. 

I am extremely grateful to Paula Stone Hubbell’s family for their generous gift of educational funding. Their support with tuition and fees, housing, food, and transportation will allow me to complete my MS in Justice Studies, qualifying me to advocate for juvenile victims and help change law and policy through legislative efforts. As a legal advocate, I hope to follow Paula Stone Hubbell's example by helping juveniles reach their fullest potential and mentoring future juvenile justice advocates. I also plan to give back to a future SJSU MS in Justice Studies student the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provided by a large scholarship like this one. I trust it will make a significant contribution to their ability to help others successfully, as it will for me. 

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Karl Bautista

     California Assn of Criminalists Reed & Virginia           McLaughlin Endowment Scholarship

     Recipient: Karl Bautista

     Graduation Date: Fall 2023


After graduating, I plan to work within the field of digital forensic science as an examiner while staying involved with the development and upkeep of the digital evidence program here at SJSU through the phenomenal professors and advisors that have helped me along the way.

I express my sincere gratitude to the California Association of Criminalists for this incredible scholarship. This award will allow me to focus more fully on my research into expanding and diversifying the digital forensic science field and associated curriculum. In the future I look forward to seeing the growth in the digital evidence program, and I hope to contribute to the success of future Justice Studies and Forensic Science students by donating back to this scholarship, so that they will feel the same sense of accomplishment and support that I have been honored to experience.

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Jasmine Nguyen

     California Assn of Criminalists Reed & Virginia           McLaughlin Endowment Scholarship

     Recipient: Jasmine Nguyen

     Graduation Date: Spring 2023


Career Goals: After graduation, my goal is to work in a California crime lab in addition to getting my Master’s degree in Forensic Science in the far future.

I would like to thank the California Association of Criminalists and the family of Reed and Virginia McLaughlin, not only for their financial support in continuing my research but also in alleviating the expenses associated with registering for and attending the International Symposium for Human Identification (ISHI) in September, 2023. Additionally, my gratitude goes out to my own family and friends, for being the stalwart presence at my side throughout my entire undergraduate education and always reminding me of what keeps me motivated to move forward. I hope to one day give back to the forensic science community and support student research in the same way that I was helped by this endowment.

Headshot of student scholarship recipient Samantha Christina Boman

     J. Edgar Hoover Foundation Scholarship for             Outstanding Leadership

     Recipient: Samantha Christina Boman

     Expected graduation date: Spring 2024


After graduation, my goal is to work as a medical examiner for the FBI. 

I would like to thank my family and professors for encouraging me to pursue my passion, and the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation for their generous contribution to support my education. 

I am grateful for the dedicated professors at SJSU who have been so positive and supportive of me during my time here. It has been inspiring to study under professors who are out in the field, and I believe that achieving my academic and professional goals would not have been possible without them. In the future I hope to become a donor and support students through Justice Studies scholarships in the same way this scholarship has supported me. 

Headshot of student scholarship recipient, Marcy Ramos Samadi

     Molly Estella Marquez Spirit Award 

     Recipient: Marcy Ramos Samadi

     Graduation date: May 26, 2023



Plans after graduation: Medical Assistant for one year and then apply to masters program in anesthesiology

The Justice Studies program has been an incredible journey for me, shaping not only my academic understanding but also nurturing my passion for science and social justice. The faculty's dedication to providing us with an enriching learning environment has been truly inspiring, and I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me to explore and grow in this field.

Being nominated for the Molly Estella Marquez Spirit Award holds a special place in my heart, as it represents not only financial support but also recognition of my commitment to making a positive impact on society through justice and education. This acknowledgment encourages me to further dedicate myself to my studies and to pursue my dreams of becoming an anesthetist and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Mark Barash and all the members of the Justice Studies Scholarship Committee who supported my nomination. Your belief in my potential and your unwavering support have bolstered my confidence and reaffirmed my dedication to the pursuit of justice. I am truly honored to be associated with San Jose State University and the Justice Studies Department.