Maureen Lowell, M.A.

Professor Maureen Lowell


M.A., Santa Clara University; Santa Clara, CA




Contact Information:

Phone: 408-924-3209

Office Hours:

Spring 2023 Office Hours (TBA)

About Professor Maureen Lowell:

Maureen Lowell has worked as a practitioner in the field of family violence for over 20 years and as a lecturer and trainer for over ten years. Ms. Lowell has been actively involved in community efforts to respond more effectively to domestic violence since 1993, an experience that she brings to her teaching. During these years, Ms. Lowell developed two curricula for working with families impacted by domestic violence: The Program for Empowered Parenting; and Empowerment through Accountability: working with women convicted of domestic violence.

Since 2007, Ms. Lowell has worked on a project at San José State University to develop an educational model to teach students to respond more effectively to family violence through interdisciplinary collaboration. These efforts have resulted in the new Institute for Collaborative Response for Victims of Family Violence, engaging students from the applied sciences in this new, innovative learning opportunity that bridges classroom learning with community experience in collaboration.

Areas of Interest:

  • Family and Community Violence
  • Systems Response to Family Violence
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Family Violence