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Lecturer Sam Hwang was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, grew up in the Bay Area, and joined the Justice Studies Department in Fall 2022. He currently works for the Oakland City Attorney’s Office as a Neighborhood Law Corps attorney, with a focus on impact litigation targeting community issues such as business-sourced air pollution and substandard housing conditions. Sam joins SJSU's Record Clearance Project with work experience as a Deputy Public Defender for the Marin County Public Defender’s Office, where he advocated for clients through the bureaucratic and emotional difficulties of the criminal justice system, as well as volunteer experience with Root & Rebound, a non-profit in Oakland offering post-conviction re-entry and expungement services. Before his legal career, Sam went to UCLA Law School, graduating in 2018, and taught high-school math for two years before that. With experience in government work, private law firms, teaching, and the sports industry, Sam welcomes all sorts of questions students may have on various career paths.