Establishing Exchange Programs

The Study Abroad and Away office has a strategy in place for the development of new student exchange programs. We want to ensure that each new program will be mutually beneficial for both institutions and will have longevity and success.

If you have a potential partner for a new student exchange program, please contact Study Abroad and Away ( to discuss the proposed institutional partner and program. 

If the proposed partnership is viable and aligns with the strategic priorities of the Study Abroad and Away office, we will work with you to develop the new program. Ideally, an academic department or college, with support from the Department Chair and College Dean, should champion new student exchange programs.  

Faculty members who would like to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with the ultimate goal of establishing an exchange program, should contact Study Abroad and Away ( before you begin your discussions with the prospective partner institution. This is to ensure that the proposed partnership aligns with the strategic plan of Study Abroad and Away.

The process will culminate with a Memorandum of Understanding and/or a University Exchange Agreement. These documents are formal contracts, containing program details which must be developed and fully-executed prior to any business being conducted on behalf of San Jose State University (SJSU).

  • MOUs with international partners must be routed through the College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE).  
  • University Exchange Agreements must be officially approved by the CSU Chancellor's Office and must outline the relationship between the institutions. The Exchange Agreement must be signed by the partner organization, the Dean of the College of Professional and Global Education and the SJSU President to be considered fully-executed.  

For more information on establishing new exchange programs, please contact:

Study Abroad and Away (CPGE, Student Union West)
(408) 924-2670





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