Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals

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Complete this five-course accounting fundamentals certificate in just one summer and gain the essential knowledge needed to begin your career in accounting while also fulfilling the prerequisites needed for the Master of Science in Accountancy and mastering many concepts required for the CPA exam.

The Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals provides a broad foundation of accounting knowledge and students who do not have an undergraduate degree in accounting must complete this certificate before enrolling in the MSA. This is a unique and convenient way to complete the prerequisites in an accelerated format. 

Courses are taught sequentially over the summer in a condensed timeframe.

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*Fee listed will increase by 5% in Fall 2026. SJSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum; however, fees listed in published schedules may need to be increased to maintain the high quality of education we offer and are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the campus President, as appropriate.

Program Benefits

Summer Accelerated Program

This intensive certificate is a great opportunity to quickly enhance your accounting knowledge and begin using it in your own career or toward your graduate studies. All five courses can be completed in one summer.

Outstanding educators

Learn from faculty who teach on the graduate level and have advanced knowledge in business and accounting.

AACSB Accredited

The Lucas Graduate School of Business is proud to share that our undergraduate and graduate programs are accredited by AACSB International

Career Opportunities

  • The Wall Street Journal reports SJSU ranks #1 among all public universities for starting salaries in accounting.
  • Salinas, San José, and San Francisco are listed as the best-paying cities for accountants by the U.S. News, 2022.
  • Accounting is listed as one of the top industries for graduates of the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.
  • US News lists Accountant as the #11 best business job for 2022, and it is also listed among the best 100 jobs overall.

Apply To The Program

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  • Prerequisite
    Financial Accounting (BUS1 20 at SJSU) with a grade of B (3.0). You must have completed this course within five years of enrolling in the certificate program.
  • Admission Requirements
    • 4-year bachelor's degree from a US institution 
    • A GPA of 3.0 or better with an absolute minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
    • If you were educated outside the US and do not need a visa, you will need to apply for the program via CSU apply. The application deadline is April 1. The program is only offered in the Summer semester.

    Educated Outside the United States

    • An English language proficiency exam
    • The equivalent of a US bachelor's degree from a recognized institution.
    • If you were educated outside the US and do not need a visa, you will need to apply for the program via Cal State Apply.
  • How to Register

    For registration instructions, check out the Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals page.

  • FAQs
    For a full list of FAQs, check out the Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals page.

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